Utes vs. Eastern Washington Eagles

The Eagles won 18 in a row at one point last year in the Big Sky.

Utah 12 EW 6

Where is Exacte?

Injured, not thought to be too serious


Wish I can watch this game. Can’t even watch it on utahutes as I don’t have cables.

44-20 at the break

What’s up with Lovering? Is he okay? I can only follow the box.

Branden Carlson with a forgettable half, but Rollie picked up the slack.

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Didn’t realize EWU lost its top 3 scorers from last year.

Lovering looks OK.

Early game, you can see they’re still finding their spots. He had a nice back down left hook, he’s a presence on defense. A little lighter than I thought, but looks decent.

Br Carlson is more like a 4 who is a great weak side rim protector, Lovering is a true 5.

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Yeah I read that he was expected back tonight but being cautious. No reason to rush things.

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As an aside…JMU just beat #4 Michigan State.


Worster makes this team so much better. Without him… yikes.

Madsen is really good off the ball, Bajema is an outside threat, but limited in creating.

Keita looks like a 6-8 version of Shaquille O’Neal, but didn’t have a hardass military dad like Shaq did. Keba has a really nice FT stroke, tho. So I think we have 3 credible bigs, though Lovering needs to put on weight. He may be a year away.

Really hope Exacte has made strides, he’s athletic enough and big enough to draw defensive attention and be another creator.

I really wish we had EWU’s Watts. Exacte could become that kind of player.

It will be interesting to see how they progress.


Finally… the Tarlac has been released. Beware, Pac-12, beware.


Eastern Washington’s LeJuan Watts is the son of a former Runn’in Ute basketball player, Walter Watts III who played for Majerus in the early 90’s. Unfortunately Walter passed away in 2016 at 47 years of age, he had five children with LeJuan obviously being one of them.

Walter was a three sport athlete, pitched for the Minnesota Twins as a rookie when he was a freshman, was invited to a Utah Jazz camp but was last man cut from the team, and was on the Los Angeles Raiders practice squad but never played in a game.

It would work out nicely if LeJuan did transfer to the U next season. Legacy kid.


It’s cool the starting lineup fields two 7 footers. On paper, this roster seems impressive.

Tarlac, 1-6 free throws?

The opponents’ free-throw defense was outstanding.


LeJuan’s brother played on the U football team.


I almost forgot Walter’s son played football for the Utes. His dad was a key part of the 1991 team that went 30-4 and advanced to the Sweet 16. Walter was incredibly agile for a guy his size. Majerus always got on him to get his weight down, which is ironic.


Nice find on the connection. LeJuan was EWU’s best player, made a lot of plays, dramatic and subtle.

My brother lived in the dorms when Walter Watts III was a FR playing for Majerus. Everyone got a kick out of the fact WW drove a Cadillac, which he paid for with his baseball signing bonus.

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LeJuan’s bio on EWU’s website makes it sound like both parents have passed away. Sad deal for that kid. Looks like he’s doing well all things considered.

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