Utes vs. Cal hoops Today

Utes favored by 2–on the road.

Might have to frame it.

11-0 run by Utah

Lots of good after a somewhat slow start. Five “and ones” so far. I like the aggressiveness.

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Big, and avoidable, 2nd foul in Branden there at the 4 minute TO, although Lahat hasn’t been awful this far. Just buy us a few minutes there and it will be a decent half.

Nice half.

so close to increasing that lead over 10 but couldnt get there.

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Need Lazar to get on track, especially now that Madsen has 3 fouls.

Marco seems like the most athletic player on the team. He’s the guy we have who can make that great athletic move when needed. Who am I missing?

Let’s cross our fingers and see if they can hold onto a lead in the last four minutes.

Crap. Both’s evil twin has come back and now Carlson looks to have sprained his ankle again. Lazar is playing decent D but has no offense today.

Four of the 12 Utah turnovers. Of course the latest one was in crunch time. It wouldn’t be a Utes game without something like that from Both.

I want to love him, but he drives me nuts.

I have to say that Don McClean’s analysis of what’s gone wrong with Utah is dead on. Cal’s forced us out of what was working.

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It would’ve been nice not to let Cal have three shots on that last possession.

that Sunshine Slam swagger is back :slight_smile:



i watched the last three minutes. Two in a row. this is fun.

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I think it’s important that now they know that they can hold on and win a tight game in the last minute or two.

Nice win. Seeing good progress.

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Big factor in holding off the Bears down the stretch is we attempted three one&one at the line and got all 6 points out of them.

Hope Carlson is OK. He’s had horrible luck with health issues this season.

Some nitwit on the FB Utenation page was bitching about Carlson’s conditioning the other day. Good Lord, the kid’s had a severe ankle sprain, COVID, and an appendectomy. Who could expect that to affect his time in the weight room?

I think he’s a trooper.