Utes vs. best college logo on Thursday

That was a horrible spot

See, I told you.

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That first-down pass to Kincaid was a terrible spot. Should’ve been a first down. Instead, it’s 2nd-and-1 and then Glover loses three yards, and eventually Utah is stopped on 4th-and-1. Sucks.

Kincaid got the first down, that was a very bad spot. notice they did not show a replay.

And yes, please fire Petros.

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I had to turn the sound down. I can’t stand to listen to him. Honestly, his voice is awful. I know a guy can’t really help what his voice sounds like, but don’t you kind of need an easy-to-listen-to voice if you’re going to be in broadcasting?


Now that’s a sack!

Defense is playing solid. I thnk one more score (either 3 or 7) could be enough

Barnes is only looking for Kincaid……

I was just thinking how much I like Petros on these broadcasts. At least I know he’s watched a pac 12 game before this game

On the flip side I don’t really like listening to Bill Reilly so there’s that


Agree, I don’t think he is that bad.


Kincaid look like he is REALLY hurting, they probably need to keep him out, and demand someone else step it up.


That defensive alignment made no sense with the ball so close to the goal line.

Yeah I hope he’s OK
No need toplay anymore tonight

Even if we win this game, it feels like a loss. I’m not sure our B team can win a lot of games, let alone at Oregon.

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This next drive is enormous. How about an 8- minute drive for a score. Even a field goal woumd be huge. Of course, I am not sure any players are left. Kincaid’s injury didn’t look good.

Well let’s hope Rising and Thomas are back next week.

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Screw that I guess. I have a terrible feeling about the rest of this game.

come on D, lets get the ball back

Crap… more targeting…


More attrition for next weeks game.

I don’t think I can watch anymore of this. Good luck boys…