Utes vs. best college logo on Thursday

I like the kid from Roy. Lotta pressure. Would gave been great if Vele pulled that one in

I want to say something but the lineup and what’s happening has me totally flummoxed.

That was a Blatant PI

Just throwing this out there, but what’s up with all the injuries, especially after a bye week. Odd.

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The Defense showed up at least which is nice.

Is Barton playing?

I don’t think Utah can win this game without a few takeaways. This WSU defense looks good, and Barnes is rattled. Plus, as is often the case, Utah’s receivers can’t get open.

Yeah this has the odd feeling of a UNLV hangover game.

Really really hope I’m wrong.


Praying for a Milford miracle

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JJ is running hard. Fun to watch.


Looks like Glover popped his knee

Just going to say it: Utah really sucks at defending mobile QBs. I know a lot of teams do, but this is maddening to watch third-down conversions with QB scrambles.

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So if you have the “best college logo” in football, WHY put wazzu on your helmet?

I cringe whenever Petros says it!

So, if targeting, would it be a dead ball foul and add time with a 1st?

Edit: yep. Wow

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Whew, anytime theres a hint of targeting i invision its on Chase Hansen

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we are in way better shape than we have earned…


Utes have been on the receiving end of some Questionable and/or very costly targeting calls for sure.

Saw him out there.

Saw that later. Wonder if he started? Baki getting a lot of snaps. Doing well.

Can FOX fire Petros at halftime PLEASE?

Dude sucks and blows.