Utah WBB Final Regular Season Thread

Cal – tonight; not sure whether Pili will play tonight.

Stanford – Saturday

Stanford is in 2OT battle against CU right now.

Pili is playing and hopefully will be ready on Saturday.

Buffs gave it a great try but fell short.

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Utah 49-43 as at halftime

Final 101-76

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This is amazing


Shout out to @justaute for keeping the WBB flame alive on this board.

I didn’t get to watch the game, and only some small highlights. But, it seems Issy Palmer hit another long shot at the end of a half. She is an expert at that.

Also, in looking at the box score, it seems White is getting more playing time and that there is praise for the defensive work that Young did on Cal’s best player. Also, glad to see Johnson have a great game.


Thanks much, Lucky. Let’s fill the Hunty for the Stanford game. First, this team is fun to watch. Second, the team has done more than its share to have earned our support. I will be there tomorrow.

FWIW, if anyone wants to go to the Stanford game tomorrow, let me know. I have two tickets and my usual partner won’t be able to go.

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White is smooth. She’ll be a strong contributor next season. Let’s be honest, Cal is a one woman team and Utah didn’t stop her or even slow her down. Curry is a sharpshooter. Without her & Martin I’m not sure that team could put 40 on the board in any game.

Speaking of Martin, why did she transfer to Cal? She’s a solid player and would’ve been in the rotation on this team. Graduate program or something?


Nice promo from Holly Rowe. Free tickets!

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I didn’t know why either, some light googling seems to say she was a grad transfer. She was injured most of last year and didn’t play after November '21. I imagine she didn’t see a lot of playing time with McQueen, Palmer, Viera, and the frosh White competing for time.

Game Day! Just got to Hunty…we should have a great crowd. Have never seen the parking lot this full, this early.


Goodness Stanford is huge…a bunch of Trees. I just cracked myself up. Haha


The officiating. On both sides. Woof. :confounded:

Can’t beat the atmosphere though.


some great outside shooters on both teams


Been watching the game. Great fun! I’m going to start going to the women’s games next season. They really play well fundamentally and are just fun to watch. For me, as a dad, whose daughter played sports, it’s especially fun to watch a bunch of hard-working young college women have such a great time.

They just won. First-time PAC-12 regular season champions. (Co-champs. We made Stanford share the top spot with us.)


Wow this team just keeps impressing


That was very cool. Big tip of the hat to Lynne Roberts!

(And to Craig Smith…you see what’s possible. Keep building!)


So, as far as I’m concerned, a shared title is a title.

So we’ve now won PAC titles in baseball, football (x2), women’s bball, and gymnastics (I’m not sure how many times). Did I miss any?


Skiing, Newbomb, Skiing!

(Doubt it’s a conference sport, actually)


I don’t think so, either.

It would be nice to add a men’s bball title to the list, and a volleyball title.

I really don’t expect to see one in the swimming or diving sports. But then, I felt the same way about baseball when we entered the league, so you never know.