Utah vs USC Thread

I was afraid of that. Thanks.

Rumor is that Kump will be out for a bit. Bam played well against USC, needs to continue to progress (really the entire OL needs to progress for Utah to finish the season strong).

Also - Simi Moala is no longer with the team and not even on the roster (and nobody seems to know why as far as I can tell).

Thanks. When Kump left the field, I knew it was not a trivial ding. So sorry to hear this.

“He runs with intentionality.” Really? Why is it that announcers, primarily sports announcers think it makes them sound smart to make up BS words like that? Trickeration is another one that’s just ridiculous.

But it was a good play.


Maybe it’s because they don’t read the dictionary with enough attentionality.


That would make me very flustrated.


When confronted with it all of them use bombardier comments to cover up their unknowingness. :wink:

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For a while some announcers used resiliency a lot. Although a word, resilience was almost always usable, but they love adding an extra syllable and ending in a y.

You just needed more stick-to-itiveness


All words are made up.

In the beginning was the word…


That must be why I didn’t see a #69 on the more official Utah website. I got Moala from an older ESPN roster. Who wore #69 against USC?