Utah vs USC Thread

I am interested in seeing how this game plays out considering it is a common opponent. How do you guys feel like your strengths and weaknesses match up to USC this year?

I think it will depend upon the psyches of both teams. USC is a cluster right now, but has a ton of talent. Utes, depends on where the team is after Lowe’s death. Does the team come together and really gel, then make a run. Or does the team implode because there’s just too much going on that is hard to process, and football isn’t as important.

I know bad grammar, in that paragraph. I’m not in the mood to fix it. I’m just enjoying my Cowboys winning today.


In addition to the issue of psyche, I believe a lot will depend on whether the Utes can generate a pass rush without blitzing so that they can play more zone. I think the size difference between their WRs and our DBs will make it difficult to be successful playing man. On offense, we need to hope the OL improves and can allow for a balanced attack. If we turn the ball over the way we have in games to this point, it won’t be good.

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Based on what I have seen so far, I will not be getting my hopes up for this game.


Let’s see if we can get back on the topic of Utah Football.

Listened to Whit’s weekly presser this morning. He sounds very down. When asked how he was doing, he replied “Hanging in there.”

He leads this team. I expect all of us would be of a similar mindset.

The team has struggled playing football well all season. Thise struggles pale in comparison to Aaron Lowes murder.

I expect the Utes to have a difficult time at SC, and for the remainder of the season.


Agreed. These kids and staff have been gutted the past two years. Losing a beloved player, Covid, and now Aaron being taken in a violent way have clearly taken their toll. I’m not worried at all about wins. I’m hoping for health and sense of normalcy at some point.


I think it may be a good thing this next game is an away game, to get the guys away from home and all the reminders of the tragedy. It will be a balancing act when they play the next home game…we need to pay tribute to Aaron, but not dwell on it and make it more of a burden for the guys for the rest of the season. Not sure how that should be done.


To be honest I’ve given up expectations for this year’s team. I think there was still a considerable funk over Jordan’s death then Lowe happened. I think it’s going to be hard to rebound from those two tragedies this year. I hope for the best but I won’t blame any of the players or coaches if they can’t get their hearts & minds in the right place right now.


I’m not expecting to win this game. Or any others quite frankly. I am secretly hoping the team can band together, but I’m not expecting it, and it will be totally understandable if their collective minds are elsewhere.

But…I will be at all of the remaining home games cheering them on.


I hope the Utes come out with a dynamic offensive game plan like they did when they blew Oregon away in Eugene.


People grieve in different ways. The team may rally or they may be flattened. Neither is wrong.

For their sakes I hope it is the former, so they can find some love and pride together. I’ll continue to support them no matter what.


My sense is the players need another meeting.

What would Aaron want? (What would Ty want?)

Different players will have different reactions - some were close to Aaron, some may not have even really known him. That’s the reality of having 105 players + coaches + staff.

Getting a win isn’t really important, but honoring your teammates is. In the position group, the leadership from Phillips, from Davis, and also from Lloyd, is essential, to move forward as individuals, but also to come together to honor your fallen teammate… as a team.

They have nothing to prove to us. The healing that is needed can’t be summoned in 13 days… but moving forward is something everyone needs to do.


Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

-Andy Dufresne (actually, Stephen King)


I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on what we are going to be facing with USC. Utah has had their share of upsets agains Southern Cal and maybe carry the motivation for their teammate into this game? Any bold predictions?

If the grief and fire turn into motivation and playing with energy instead of turning into penalties and turnovers, we win 31-17.


I don’t think it has occurred to any of us that USC is a common opponent with your favorite team. We’d just like to win the game because we are Utes fans. The most interesting thing about this game to me is that USC and Utah were picked pre-season to battle for the South championship, and both teams have struggled.


The real question is will usc pack it in the week before a bye and two weeks before their bid mitre dame game.

I have no idea of what to expect from this game.

Our game history/trajectory this season has been confusing. I did think the team as a whole looked better during the WSU game (excepting the fumbles) and expected them to be better coached/prepared and appropriately up and for the UCS game, until, that is, the tragedy later that evening.

They are saying all the right things, and they have a “mission” to all personally do 22% better, showing respect and love for their fallen brother through performance on the field. I hope that translates into a good game, and I hope the coaches are managing to make sure that does not amount to unreasonable pressure/expectation.

But if the subdued nature of Whitt’s Monday presser, is any indication of what the entire team is feeling… well, as I said, I have no idea of what to expect.

I hope for the mental health of the team and coaches, that the games goes well.

Utah 28, USC 27, maybe?