Utah v Oregon State

Plummer has 7 3s in the first half. Some posters here doubted me when I said he was the real deal. Just sayin.

6 point lead right now.

He’s unconscious and cold blooded. Good for us
Go Utes!!

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He’s had a great half. Completely in his zone. If OSU starts to overplay Plummer I would thank that Allen should be able to break out. Might actually win one in Vegas.

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I have never seen a Utah player hit that many threes in a half. Crazy. I think that ties the single-game Ute record by Johnnie Bryant (may be eight). Let’s hope he keeps it up.

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8 threes for Plummer. PAC 12 Tourney record. And we still have most of the 2nd to play. Wow.

9 threes. All time record.

And then Utah just hands the Beavers a couple of buckets. This is still very blowable given the tendency to go six minutes without scoring as we’ve seen all year. BTW, I hate being so cynical.

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I know exactly how you feel. We can’t hamdle the press.

10 threes.

we’ve got to work the ball inside. They are pressing so high because we’re hitting outside. Down low is wide open

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This should be Allen’s time to shine.

As a PG, Gach is way too one dimensional and out of control. Brenchley and Battin just look lost and tentative.

As mentioned above, OSU should just press Utah the entire game. The low BB IQ is just frustrating.

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Plummer has been neutralized. Someone else is going to have to win this game.

A well coached team just doesn’t make stupid turnovers like this. sigh

Gach is just sloppy with the ball. I like his tenacity and length, but he has to have better decision making

The missed lob to Carlson was a facepalm moment.

I don’t think Gach has what it takes to be a decent PG.

Why did Plummer get stuck in the paint instead of defending Lucas? There was no reason for him to helpful out down there.

Gach is gonna Gach

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the 71% win probability at this moment feels a lot more like 17%

Brenchley is a terrible shooter for allegedly being the best on the team. WOOF