Utah v byu Game Day

Really excited to see where are team stacks up. The Pac 12 has showed poorly early on this season. Prime for stealing some wins.

BYU only favored by 1& 1/2 points—which is up 1/2 from starting line.

That seems low, I would have expected it to be around 6.

But gives me hope—(and Marco needs to be 100% or close).


For various reasons this is the first time I’ll be able to get to a game this season. Looking forward to seeing how Smith has them coming together, but I only have modest expectations for a win. I hope I’m wrong.

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I fear we’re gonna get drilled.

Marco out both in. Gabe still out too.

Without Marco, ouch.

He is best defender & probably the best rebounder on the team.

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They’re out rebounding us 13-8 at this point. Somehow we’re not protecting the rim well.

We’re missing our best rebounder, and just lost a guy who gets almost 5 a game in limited minutes

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I guess that’s the explanation. Doesn’t change the fact that we’re getting beaten on the boards.

Our perimeter D looks great but they’re getting lots of layups and 10-footers. Weird.

Looks like BYU fans have bought up chunks of lower bowl seats. Not a ton of them, but annoying. I wish Utah season ticket holders would not do that.

What is it with all the layups we are giving up?

I’ll answer myself. They’re just quicker than we are.

The dudes are tired. They tried their best and they failed. The lesson is never try.

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We’re without 3, maybe 4 of our top 9, makes guys gassed.

Also leaves Both starting instead of being a guy who can come in and spell someone.

Injuries definitely impacting this team.


Yes. I think they may do OK if they can get over those injuries. We lack the raw talent needed to be really good but they play smart and hard. Kudos to Smith.

Good job to BYU for beating a team down three rotation players.

Hate this BYU team. Hate em.

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The shortage of rebounders was a killer. They out rebounded us 45-28.


Starts with the coach. Every time I see Lohner I am reminded of how unethical Pope is.