Utah to join SEC for ski-team only membership

Utah’s 4th consecutive natty has prompted the SEC to offer Uah a lucrative ski-only conference membership worth 100 million/yr. The travel will be difficult but greater revenue and access to the tremendous snow-making resources of the SEC make the move a no brainer.

Arizona is said to be fuming at their ski program being left behind. The BIG 12 is reportedly ready to offer ski-only conference membership to Arizona, Arizona State, UNLV and San Diego St. if the opportunity arises.

…And then you woke up. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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ASU and Zona enjoy training hundreds of miles away from campus.

BTW, doesn’t the $EC have to go to Lake Placid to train?


You reeled me in with the ski-related thread title, but it was all downhill from there. :wink:


For the record, the invite would def come for Football and Gymnastics. Y’all’s state politics and love of Football and Gymnastics and inconsistent Hoops program totally fits our mold. Plus, don’t y’all love truck stops as well?


Just got one in my town. Unfortunately they didn’t add a restaurant to it.

We have to drive around to Lakepointe or into Glendale (SLC) to have truck stop grub.


I’m right on I-65 so I live near maybe the most white trash traveler exit in all of humanity. We literally have 2 Waffle Houses one on each side of the exit. They didn’t think the Corvette Plant and Harley dealership was enough so we are getting one of those “Super Truck Stops.”

It’ll go great with the Flying J and Kum and Go.


Most of our truck stop choke and puke’s are Denny’s. There used to be a JC Mickelson’s in Nephi along I-15, but COVID killed it. Too many are now fast food havens.

To be fair to Kentucky. Food & Wine does stories on our gas station food.

Not sure about truck stop excitement in Utah. I do know that they exist. I saw more interest in truck stops in Wisconsin, and see so many more locations here in NC.

As a Ute fan, I would be ecstatic for an invite to the SEC. We would even find a way to get to at least 1 game per year if that happened.

We’re getting our first Kum & Go’s in Utah. One in my area should be opening soon. It’s weird to see.


Make sure you Kum & Go!

Oddest and most awkward name ever


Part of the fun of it.

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The best one I went to was off Route 66 in Springfield Mo. Apparently, it was a popular spot for Trans-Women to hang out and chat up the tourists. I love quirky American spots.

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Saw a billboard for the store earlier today. Always felt that name was a bit awkward.

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I would kill for Waffle House… Neither VIllage Inn nor IHOP can do a proper waffle…

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I cook waffles at home. I’ve never had a good restaurant waffle.


Weird thing but Waffles aren’t the big thing there. Even if Chef Sean Brock says they are:

Waffle House is great but find the local meat and three if you are near Nashville. Silver Sands is my spot I take folks.