Utah MBB @ Washington thread

I live in Seattle and will be at the game. It might be a couple years before the Runnin’ Utes play here again. Seen some pretty good games here over the years…

Anyway these two teams seemed pretty evenly matched last game. But UW is on a two-game skid, has lost three of their last four and hasn’t been playing great at all. I think the Utes have a shot and I really hope Deivon is back, even if his minutes are limited.

I hope we have a point guard thats healthy enough to play, any point guard? Id even take a 40 year old Terry Preston.


We’ll lose.

I will hope for the best, but we are slamming into the proverbial wall again.

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It will be a battle of the hapless for sure. What gives UW an advantage is their home court and their hundreds of fans.


Utes a 1 point favorite.?


With Hunter & Teat running the point??


I have zero expectations for a win tonight.

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Why do you say that? I’m sure Hunter will have his breakout game.

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I think a lot will depend on UW’s free throw defense.

Glad to see Deivon able to go. Seems like they’re all trying to do a little too much right now. Very reckless with the ball, and some real wild shots. Need to settle.


Can’t hit a 3 to save our life.

but, but, but we have so many great 3-pt shooters.

Utah shooting 24%. UW shooting 64%. Pretty much sums up the start.

Our D has been bad the last two games. That’s weird because it’s been mostly solid. Not rotating well at all.

We apparently have no idea how to play a zone.

UW now to 74% from the field. Dunks will do that.

Smith fired up. Can Washington keep up this hot shooting? Over 75% so far.

I thought having upper-class players was suppose to make a team tough. That’s according to the coaches.

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78% with 67% from three. It’s nuts, but it’s from wide open shots.

Hoping the T on Smith lights a fire, but it won’t be anywhere near enough at this pace.

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UW is 14/18 77.8% hopefully that translates to a 20% shooting second half


Is this the first meaningful minutes Wahlen has gotten this year? Or have I not been paying very close attention?

Those may not be either/or questions. :wink:

You’re right, first meaningful minutes for Wahlin.

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