Utah Jazz sold to local billionaire

Come to Seattle baby.

That would be funny.

After 30 seconds of Googling, I can’t tell what Qualtrics does. Even the Qualtrics website doesn’t really say. Seems like they just do a ton of surveys/data mining.

Surveys, data mining, business analytics. Ryan Smith is a state of Utah sort of guy so don’t count on the Jazz going anywhere.

My company sends us out a lot of surveys (what do you like/dislike about the company) that are generated by Qualtrics.

Seems like the kind of thing that doesn’t need to be outsourced, but I’m not a businessman.

The idea is this: look, you’d pay someone $41,000 a year to work for you, plus taxes, plus benefits, etc to gather this information for you. We will do it, we will make it look pretty and have it tell you what you want us to tell you and we will do it for $20,000 a year.

I would pay someone the 41,000 to do that plus 100 other things. That should not be a full time job.

But, hey, all the silicon slopes companies look like scams to me. I guess I don’t understand business. I think business also doesn’t understand business.

As a business owner, it’s better for me with companies like Qualtrics. It’s cheaper labor and they do a much better job. And I don’t have to worry about turnover, retraining someone, etc. I pay less and off all the work onto someone else who can do it much better than anyone I can hire.

Outsourcing is the future man.

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yep… the part of qualtrics I have experience with is somewhat like Survey Monkey, but more in depth. We had free use of it at the University I attended. I would be surprised if most universities in the country don’t have it available for students to use.

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Qualtrics is co-headquartered in Seattle

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Ryan Smith made his money selling Qualtrics away. It’s right there in the article along with his Jazz fan-boy-ness.

Smith hit the jackpot. He turned down an offer to sell Qualtrics for $225M, and ended up selling to SAP (the German enterprise application company) for just under $8B.

Online comments are part of our new reality where everyone has a bullhorn, but the volume of people in Utah slamming the NBA here in Utah make me wonder if Gail Miller got a bunch of feedback on Donovan Mitchell’s outspoken pleas for BLM, and, filtered through the 2020 prism of political/cultural tribalism, decided that sustaining an NBA franchise in an environment where A) NBA super teams arise to win championships, and B) Utah already has an uphill reputation for being hostile to NBA players, and decided to hop out of the business, especially for that kind ROI.

We’ll see what happens, but Gail Miller isn’t dumb. Maybe she wanted to slide away from center stage as things unfold, and if moving the franchise to somewhere like Seattle makes sense, then she’s not the bad guy.

The unfortunate reality of our divided populace is that major league sports appeal more to bigger, more diverse metro areas. Half the local high-rollers are also arch-conservatives who listen to Limbaugh / Hannity / Trump. “Shut up and dribble”. The other half are transplants who join with more moderate voices in making Utah more diverse, culturally.

The allergic reaction in Utah to Donovan Mitchell’s advocacy for BLM makes the Jazz keeping him a longer shot than if 2020 never happened. The Russell Westbrook incident was less of an aberration than it appeared, reading online comments. So, NBA players will come here to make it in the league, make some money, then get the hell out of Dodge. Or at least the megaphones are making it look like this is the narrative for the NBA in Utah. We’re something in-between being a super-Boise and a smaller, more backward version of Denver.


Sort of.

He sold it, but Qualtrics is an independent unit of SAP and Smith is still CEO.

He sort of got to eat his cake and have it too.

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I think NBA team ownership is a hobby for super rich people and not necessarily a great business strategy. I did not expect the news but I am not surprised.

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I think this tweet by Steve Luhm, former beat writer for the Jazz for the Trib says more than it says.


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Gail essentially said that around the time that Larry passed, he pretty much stopped caring about his business. Gail has not always been super attached to the Utah Jazz, and it really is more of a headache than a moneymaker. The team was Larry’s baby, not hers, she tried to care after he passed, but I think she would just rather move on from it.

I’m sure she’ll be much happier without having to deal with the drama of owning an NBA team.

I think the most important question for us on this board is “What kind of Zoob is Ryan Smith?” How much can I continue to support the Jazz if Ryan Smith is focused on elevating the crotch-punching goons at TDS?
On the other hand, if he uses his wealth to spend above the cap and actually try to win a title… well, maybe I can forgive him for wearing “band of brothers” t-shirts under his dress shirts. thoughts?

no… this is just one more giant reason not to cheer for the Jazz (assuming he continues to pump money into BYU).

I think Ma’ake brought up some amazingly insightful issues Smith will have as owner of the Jazz.

He has a few HUGE ones though.

1 - He’s a big BYU guy, where there are more Utah fans in the state than BYU fans AND some BYU fans and some Utah fans have some pretty polarizing issues when it comes to certain ethical/moral treatment of others. If he goes all blue he will alienate a large portion of his potential fanbase.

2 - He now owns a company that uses black men to entertain us. This company is located in a state where a lot of people don’t like those black men standing up for themselves and asking to be treated better. That is a huge issue. Like Ma’ake said, if Utah turns into a place that is seen as a stepping stone to more money and that’s it…the Jazz will never be as good as we hope they can be.

Everyone is convinced he is going to stay and wouldn’t dream of leaving and lives in Utah and loves Provo and is a Jazz guy through and through, but rich guys like money and winning and if he could make a lot more money in Seattle, could win more games in Seattle and get rid of a lot of whining in Seattle, be a sports franchise owner and a lover of BYU in Seattle…

It’s a big moment for the state of Utah. A crossroads of sorts.

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This nba draft is awesome.

The pac 12 had six guys taken in the first round. What did they all have in common? None of them were good last year.

I’ll be checking in on the second round to root against pace mannion and yoeli childs, may they never set foot on an nba floor.

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