Utah is headed to the Las Vegas Bowl

With Cal’s win @ UCLA, Utah and Oregon State are the ONLY two eight win teams in the Pac-12. As Oregon State played in the Las Vegas Bowl last year, they’re likely headed to the Holiday Bowl this year. Especially since that could lead to a matchup against Clemson, which would be an awesome story line (DJU against his old team). That would mean Utah goes to the Las Vegas Bowl, as we beat the other 3 bowl eligible teams (UCLA, USC, AND Cal) and we’d likely travel more fans to the game than ANY of those other 3 teams (as proven by the past two years in the Pac-12 Championship Games). IMHO, Utah is a LOCK for the Las Vegas Bowl. I think we’re going to Vegas for a third year in a row. The only difference is that this time isn’t the championship game. It’s ok. With all the injuries we had this year, I’m actually quite impressed with how well we did. If that is the bowl, it looks like we’re going to play either 1) Maryland, 2) Northwestern, or 3) Wisconsin. All 3 of those Big Ten teams are 7-5, but UW and Northwestern are 5-4 in conference while Maryland is 4-5. I wanna go if that is the game.

This is my prediction based on nothing.

Washington - CFP or NY6
Oregon - CFP or NY6
Arizona - Alamo
Oregon State - Holiday
Utah - Vegas
UCLA - Sun
Cal - Independence?
Southern Cal - Who cares


Toilet bowl for them.


I think USC Independence, Cal LA Gronk Bowl. Otherwise, I think/hope this is how it lands.

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I would like the Holiday Bowl for no other reason than to visit San Diego again, only this time to stay somewhere nicer than a dive surfer hotel at Dog Beach.


I hope its Vegas, I could make that game


The reason it isn’t going to be the Holiday Bowl is that Oregon State played in the Las Vegas Bowl last year. And they try to avoid sending teams to the same bowl games two years in a row. Oregon State is probably going to the Holiday Bowl. ESPN projects us to the Vegas Bowl


Jerry Palm, whoever that is, projects us to the Sun, with Southern Cal going to Vegas. I sincerely hope he’s wrong. We beat Southern Cal. I know it’s all about ratings and such, but I would bet we would sell a lot more tickets than Southern Cal.


Especially this USC team. They lost five out of their last six games with their only win during that stretch being a 1-point win at Cal. I highly doubt their fans even want to go to a bowl game at all. Let alone travel to one.


Lot of chatter tonight on the interwebs that Maryland is a done deal as our Vegas Bowl opponent. If true, could be an interesting matchup. They are 7-5 and have a very good run defense, though none of their wins were against opponents with a winning record.


I’ll be at Allegiant Stadium if the Utes play in the Vegas Bowl!!


me too

Baby brother Tua vs Ferrari Bottari? (Or maybe Barnes of he doesn’t portal)

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I hope USC and Nail Polish boy get sent to beautiful El Paso :smiley:


So Riley can become “USC Unibomer 2.0?” :joy::joy::joy:


I like this one.

Sugar: Washington vs Texas
Fiesta: Oregon vs Ohio
Holiday Bowl: Utah vs Clemson
Sun Bowl: NC State vs Oregon State
Vegas: UCLA vs Northwestern
Alamo: Ok State vs Arizona
LA: SC vs Boise

That’s a solid line up.
Indy: Cal vs UCF


Looking at the list, it kinda screws the Beavs and gives U$C a home game. I might suggest flipping those two to send U$C to El Paso. Hell, most of their #1 team isn’t going to play in that game anyway.

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It would be a Top 25 matchup in a top 3 Mexican Food city. That’s better than playing in an off the radar bowl game. I would much rather play in El Paso than that off brand LA Bowl. But that may just be me.

If Utah ended up going there and I got the green light from the boss to travel, I would be coming home with a trunk full of El Pato sauces and canned whole green peppers.

I gotta have my Rellenos and heat. :wink:


Most of OSU 1st team will be out. DJU transferring or NFL, Martinez suspended for DUI, a few other starters put.

But yeah, LA Gronk bowl is going to get a lower level team.

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