Utah @ Colorado Hoops

Isn’t it interesting how many opening tips we win? It’s almost every game. If that were only correlated to wins.

Good start for Carlson with two bunnies to start us 4-0.

Edit: Make it three bunnies.

Make that a spectacular start for Carlson, 8/9 for 18 points including two 3s in a row?!

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We basically have the yips from the free-throw line.

The flip side of Carlson’s great start is that nobody else is playing that great. Anthony, especially, is having a horrible game with the exception of some rebounding. Colorado is playing pretty well right now. Some other Utes need to step up.

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Yeah. 5 of 14 doesn’t cut it. And only 3 of 10 from three is t so hot when you realize two of those makes were Branden’s.

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nice little run to open the half

Madsen was hot for a while. Stefanovic only 1 of 2 fgs. Oh right when I said that nice back cut by him for a layup. Need him involved more.

Only 3 turnovers until about 6:00 to go. Then 2 quick ones that led to CU points. Ugh.

Got real sloppy. I had a feeling when we saw so many 9 point leads drop to 4 or 5 quickly that eventually we’d cough it all the way up, and we have.

CU seems to be shooting about 70% in this second half

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a kid like Jabari Walker at Utah? He’s great.

Lead 90% of the game and then …….

Really disappointing.

No bench. Gach and Battin scoreless. Jenkins with 3 and Brenchley with 1. Just don’t have the horses for this league these days.


I’m not dead yet!

Now I am. Sigh.

they can never take the Sunshine Slam championship away from us

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And the game ends on a Utah turnover.

Carlson has 21 in the 1st half, 4 in the 2nd. Once CU started forcing that post up out by another foot they stopped what had been our best attack. Anthony was better in the 2nd than the 1st, but Stefanovic never got going.

Glad we freed up a scholarship for next year with dumping Mahorcic. We could benefit from some others transferring, but I’m afraid they won’t be the right ones.

It’ll be really interesting to see what happens. Smith has a lot of work to do with the transfer portal. I wonder if he’ll send some players away in order to open some spots?