Utah @ Colorado Hoops

Fundamentally I hate that option, but it’s reality. Hell, it even happened to Robbie Benson in “One on One” back in the day. (Average movie but Annette O’Toole was pretty cute.) it’s just that if we only have nine guys that can make the floor and two of the subs don’t deliver a single point, changes are justified.

Maybe the seniors have had enough—we don’t need any Covid-super seniors.
If they received 4 years even though 1 may have been short, does the U or any other college have to give them that extra Covid Year?
Battin, Jenkins, Gach in that group.

There’s a difference between eligibility and being allowed to remain on scholarship. No college has to give them anything whether they’re on the roster now or not.

I was hoping we would get more point production from Gach, Jenkins and Battin. Carlson has improved from a year ago. Madsen and Lazar show potential, but like many freshmen, are inconsistent from game-to-game and even within games. Marco, Wooster and Brenchly are about what I expected. I have always been of the opinion that a team needs a true PG in order to be successful. That was a problem many year through LK’s tenure and IMO is a problem this year.
I am bullish on Smith and hope that he gets it turned around.


I agree. A very good PG goes a long ways towards success, especially on a college team. That is why I was really disappointed Rylan Jones left. I thought he was a very good to great PG. With him at point I think this team has 4 or 5 more wins at this point.


I watched a little of a USU game the other day. He looked more like freshman Rylan than Sophomore Rylan.

Well said.