Utah at Oregon MBB

I expect us to score some in this game. We might play a little defense and get a few rebounds. Should be some exciting basketball.

It will be interesting to see which Utes team shows up.

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I predict our road team will show up.


I have little to no hope.

Well, they’re giving us hope.

Wow, count me as extremely surprised. We’ll see what happens in the second half.

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Ben Carlson has been ice cold.

We’re going to lose. Bajema travels completely alone under the basket? We suck.

Well, that was nice while it lasted.

Is Brandon hurt?

What was the Carlson injury? I missed it.

Listening on the radio. Sounds like it’s the one that struggles to close out a game. But…they’re down only by 3 and there is 3:30 left, and Carlson was (according to Bill Riley) intentionally injured by an Oregon player. Best best player out. Riley is talking about quite a bit of dirty play by the Quackers. Maybe there’s a small miracle ahead yet. Neither team has scored in 2.5 minutes, Bill says.

Riley says an Oregon player grabbed his arm and jerked or twisted it. NO foul called.

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Carlson’s parents have both tweeted he was intentionally injured.

Furlong has tweeted he’s not not sure how it wasn’t called anything after a review


Well, they fought to the end and stayed in the game to the last shot. I give them major props for that. I’ve always loved this team’s heart.

I don’t give Craig Smith props for having Erickson and Bajema as go-to players in crunch time.

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Tough loss. I give the team credit for a strong effort.


I don’t think Ben Carlson made a 3 all game. That last one looked like it was going in.

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It was a really dirty play by Dante. Dante hooked Carlson’s arm near the shoulder then grabbed his wrist with his other hand and pulled back on his arm. Looks like he hyper extended Carlson’s elbow. Refs called it incidental contact after a long review. Not sure how they came to that call, it looked like he intentionally took our best player out of the game.


One of the few pluses about leaving the PAC is hopefully leaving the refs behind as well.


Craig Smith said the only explanation given by the refs was “it was a basketball play”