Utah 2023-24 basketball season

I am not seeing the recruit from Turkey, Karahan Efeoglu, on the official roster. Does anyone know what’s going on?

He broke a rule for international players so he had to go JUCO first is the story I am seeing.

I’m actually quite looking forward to seeing this season. Very intriguing.

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The good news is Dievon Smith is listed. I take it that means the NCAA approved his transfer. That’s more important for this and maybe next season, probably.

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Yeah the Efeoglu thing was quite the drama when it all went down a couple months ago. It’s doubtful that he’ll ever play for the U.

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He’s always been listed. His transfer was never in question. What’s in question is whether he can actually play in games. As of 5 days ago Utah was still waiting for word from the ncaa

I’d say Dievon is doubtful. The NCAA seems to be cracking down a bit on double transfers. The big from Texas Tech via UVU was denied at Cal from what I understand and I’m hearing Martinez is getting the same treatment at Utah State.

What happened? How good is he?

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No one entirely knows.

The rumor mill is he broke some sort of ncaa rule for international players and thus had to go to a juco.

Utah has declined to comment.

His only comment was on his instagram, where he claimed there was a problem with him registering which left him no options, but that doesn’t match what everyone else has said.

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There were supposedly allegations of cheating on some type of ESL or international student exam. This per social media and other site(s). Of course there are at least two sides to every story, and we’ll never know the whole thing.

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At least there is a McDonalds where he lives. :wink:

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I was just wondering, or more accurately daydreaming that this commitment will be similar Josh Grant. He was, seemingly the catalyst to the run that sent our Utes to '98 championship game. Yes there were a few years from Josh signing to the Championship game, but Josh helped lay the foundation with Majerus.

I realize that this is all supposition, but one can hope and dream. Maybe this one commitment from young Mr Johnson can help Coach Smith get our Utes to heady heights that we all miss.


He’s a mission kid – we have a long ways to go. Who knows if he will actually join the program. That said, it’s certainly a good sign.


Yeah, getting Grant really did set the stage for Utah’s run in the ‘90s. Of course, Grant wasn’t a Majerus recruit; he was Archibald’s. Archibald wasn’t a great bench coach, but he recruited pretty well. He also got Jimmy Soto, Walter Watts, and a few others that were part of Majerus’ early teams.


Yeah, good reminder of Archibald’s recruiting. But man could Majerus get the best out of them.


Yep. If he didn’t run them off.


Utes sign David Katoa and Jaxon Johnson. Johnson is a mission kid. Who else is on the recruiting radar?


News just broke that Ian Martinez got his 2nd transfer granted and will be eligible for Utah St. I had given up hope of Deivon Smith this year, but maybe there’s a chance. Would really give us some depth at PG.


I can’t use my tix to the UC-Riverside game tomorrow night. If someone here is interested kick me a board mail.