UNTOLD: Swamp Kings on Netflix is basically the Urban Meyer doc with some Utah slander

A bit of Utah slander acting like Urban wasn’t ready for SEC play because he was just at Utah. It’s a weird doc about a bad scene in Gainesville. Sure, they won titles but those teams were “The U” or Miami in the 1980s with a soon-to-be convicted murderer. Weird but there were zero scenes of Urban and his son tossing the ball around.

The Gators were a very sketchy operation when Urban was there. Then again, when the University and fan base get as jacked up on themselves as they were, it really isn’t a surprise that a blind eye was turned in the name of winning. For the record, I don’t blame the Gators for it as much as Urban allowing it.

He did the same thing at tOSU. He had his 15 minutes and he can stay in the announcer booth from now on. He should never be allowed to coach again.

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What’s the “Utah slander” part?

I don’t care enough about Urban or Florida to watch all that.

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Typical “This isn’t Utah, we have expectations…” Commenting on talent level etc. Meanwhile, that team in 2008 for Utah was better than the UF team. Florida is def new money pretending to be old money. They are more similar to Florida dude who has an insurance scam that gave him money to buy a speed boat.

The funniest part is seeing them lose to the now brain dead Alabama Senator Tommy T.


The hilarious part about all of this is Urban is doing the interviews with Jax in the background. You know that man was supposed to be coaching the Jaguars and he’s sitting there talking about hearing Tebow’s name in the airport. Probably had Tim on speed dial after to invite him to play TE.

I remember in Urban’s first season at Florida they tried using the triple-option he used so well at Utah, with the QB running a 45 slant, the RB trailing for a regular pitch, with a WR coming behind the LOS with a shovel pass as the third option. Alex Smith, Marty Johnson & Steve Savoy made that play look easy.

Urban tried that play in his first season at FL and quickly figured out the SEC DCs and the speed of the defenses made that play a no-go.

At Utah that play was innovative, nobody had seen it in years, and we were going up against MWC DCs. That play lasted about 2 or 3 years, max, as defenses adjusted and made it non-viable.

Offenses innovate, defenses adjust. That’s why nobody runs the wishbone or the Veer, why the Run-N-Shoot didn’t last.

AND, there’s a big difference in coaching skill between G5 and P4. There just is.


This doc is trash. Basically trying to redeem Urban. I was out when he said “I run a culture that doesn’t allow you to hit women.” He said it with a straight face.


I do remember the core values listed on the wall in the FB facility when he was at Utah. Respecting women was explicitly listed as one of the ten or so values. I have no idea what happened at Florida, but when he was here he was preaching some good ideas. (Some kids come from crazy situations most of us just can’t relate to. The hope is athletics and exposure to a different path help them.)

Obviously things went way off the rails afterward, that Aaron Hernandez story was horrific, and I know there was a lot more that was maybe less insane, but still really bad.

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I was hesistant to watch this docuseries, as most of the Gator fans I knew thought it was going to be a hit piece on the program. We had an insider post on the Gator Country insider boards saying it is anything but a hit piece. He got an advance showing before Netflix put it on streaming as he has a connection with some Hollywood Netflix guy.

Anyway, overall, I thought it was very good, but could have been better. There were obviously some players that decided not to participate. Key players like Chris Leak and Percy Harvin, who were instrumental in the early success. Those stories should had come out more imho, but did not.

Overall, it was very positive for the University. I did not see it so much in a redemption for Meyer thing. He admitted to a lot of faults, misgivings and doubts and paranoia frankly in the series.

You could tell why it did him in frankly. You could see the reasons the 2009 team, undefeated in the regular season, imploded against Alabama. Now, there is the one time a parent did say something to the effect that “This isn’t Utah”, but you have to take it in context.

For Ute fans, I would watch it. It isn’t anti Utah at all. It has nothing to do with the Utes. Fans of college football will like this and will get you pumped for the season in a way.

I went in watching it thinking I was going to not like it at all. I really liked it. I think you will, if you watch it, see it as a sports story that a college football fan will like as well.



There was a lot more too it than that. Having doubts about Urban Meyer’s morals is legitimate of course. I won’t argue that point, the Chris Rainey story comes out, and the sad case of Avery Atkins comes out. Frankly I was surprised with the entire thing. It was good but not great. It was not the hit piece Gator fans thought it would be, which will disappoint our rivals. And then of course, there is Brandon…freaking Siler story…wow. The sad issues around Aaron Hernandez have already been documented. Tebow has some things to say about it in this one. There was good and bad in this for UF, but in the end, no publicity is bad publicity I suppose.

Of course, the beat down of Ohio State in the MNC game…very nice. Especially when you relive the…Florida has no chance stuff everyone was saying.

The interesting part is, around this time, we still had Billy Donovan, who won back to back National Championships in basketball in 05 and 06. No mention of that of course, but it was an interesting time for us.



You should like it because it was more a fan highlight film than any real look at the legacy of that era. I don’t think it hurt UF nor does it help it. Urban allowed a coach to basically have a well documented incident(s) of domestic abuse at Ohio State and not really suffer any consequences. I don’t hate UF. In fact my first bowl game was UF vs UW in Anaheim in the 1980s. I despise the Urban era there because they used Tim to absolve a ton of bad things around the program.

It reminds me of the Bama Rush doc. They barely touch on the toxic crap or the stuff with “The System.” These docs claim to look deep at something that is needing some sunlight and barely graze the surface.

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I don’t agree with that. Most of the focus was on the losses, which was a theme. Urban and the team focused on when they failed more than enjoying success.

I think Tim Tebow’s comments speak for themselves, so I will let the watcher decide. Timmy was Timmy.


The real problem was there was toxic stuff after Urban left. The 3 M coaches not only did not fix any of it they simply added to it, especially Mullen.

If we are patient, I think Billy Napier can fix it. Recruiting is already better than Mullen, but this will take time.


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UF should have kicked your ■■■ in that 2009 SEC championship game. Why you kicked our ■■■ comes out in this documentary.

It spells it out. Old news, but there it is.


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Meh. Texas said the same thing after the Rose Bowl/BCS Title game. I honestly don’t think UF would have beaten Utah in 2008. The Alabama Freshman that helped beat that team had three top 10 NFL draft picks (Marcel Dareus, Mark Ingram and Julio Jones) not to mention first rounders Mark Barron and Donta Hightower. All freshman. Urban’s system was toast once Saban got his first full class got to Alabama.

Isn’t it weird how quick Urban was ready to retire after Saban got his guys? You do have a Saban Tree coach now so maybe you guys can turn it around.

That Alabama team did something Florida has never done and that’s go undefeated.

Well, when it comes to overall Academics and Athletics, The University of Florida is second to none in the SEC. So stick that up your Alabama rama jama stuff. Roll tide toll, around the rim and down the hole, roll tide roll.


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I went to a private university without D1 athletics. My family helped start University of Alabama, Alabama A&M and Yale. Thus my fandom for those those three.

I looked at Alabama and UF and it would have been a step down. Lol.

Get a room, you two.


Really. I ran out of popcorn a long time ago.


I ran out of Lysol wipes