UF.N Breakfast

Hi All,

I’ve been hoping to have a get together for UFN for quite a while and someone suggested we do a breakfast sometime soon. I’m starting this thread to gauge overall interest including potential locations we might go to. Once we nail down a location and see what peoples availability is like I think it would be awesome to hang out!

A breakfast adventure sounds fun. Are we thinking a Saturday morning?

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I think so!

I’d vote for The Other Place because of convenience and seating accommodations. I’ll probably need to call ahead of time depending on the size of our party.

Sounds great, count me in!

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I’m thinking either this upcoming Saturday or the following one. What does everyone think?

either works for me…

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Both work for me. The one after those not so much because I will be in Vegas for my wife’s aunt’s celebration of life.

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I’ll be there.

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My sterling reputation can’t take the hit of being seen in public with heathens like you, so I will regrettably have to pass.

(completely kidding…would love to join but the next few Saturday’s are an absurd blur of kids activities so I’ll probably have to skip)


It’s true. Skiny is not a heathen. Because I am a heathen, and he is never at any of the meetings.


Damn! Was looking forward to meeting you. We’ll have to do these more often.

I’m in.


Aren’t those meetings supposed to stay anonymous? :wink:

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I thought we were all heathens…no? If not, we would have attended TDS. haha

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Count me in.

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Will be in San Diego😎

I did attend and graduate from BYU law school. I was and am a heathen.


Glad to see BYU had a bright spot or two. Integrity did exist in Utah county. :joy:

How does Saturday at 9:00 AM at The Other Place sound?