Trouble in paradise

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They’re just now coming to this conclusion? Damn, those Zoobs are about 10 years too late on Holmoe. They should’ve been smart enough to stay in the MWC, but nooooo they give us this comedy of errors to laugh at.

I suppose delusions die hard.


To the points…

Fire Holmoe - The truth is they should’ve never hired him in the first place. After destroying Cal’s athletic department, he should’ve never seen another gig as an AD. Firing him may be in order, but the School’s Trustees have been loathe to fire AD’s over the years. The fact is some of the Trustees are likely OK with him melting down the athletics department to get them out of D1.

Fire Sitake - losing a game to a team playing at home, that had a better record and was picked by the oddsmakers to win, is no crime. Given all the problems TDS has recruiting competitive talent, the fact they were even in any game is an accomplishment of some damned good coaching. There is no other coach TDS could bring in that could pull off the miracles Kalani has pulled off. Extending him was the right thing to do for their program. If they fire him, there are no viable replacements out there to choose from. Ken Niumatololo is not walking through that door. Take another shot with Crowton? …Please! Schmooze Jay Hill? He will be going to better G5 schools than TDS. Gary Anderson? He will retire from USU. Promote one of Sitake’s assistants? Going from the frying pan into the fire…the one they hire will have the job security of the drummer of Spinal Tap.

Fire Tuiaki - Dude is still early on in this development as a DC. He is a damned good recruiter and is showing promise as a coordinator. They played better defense this year than they have ever played. The only issue they had was injuries. Just like we saw in the past, their #1’s are competitive with any other school any given day. The problem is there #2’s on down are not…and there was a lot of bench players out there playing against Hawaii. The fire would be just as stupid as firing Sitake. All that would happen is Tuiaki would go about 100 miles north to Logan and torture the ■■■■ out of TDS for the next decade.

TDS fan needs to realize this is as good as it is going to get. You are not a National Program/Brand. You are not going to get even a sniff at any sort of championship. You are not going to fill Rice-Eccles South for anything other than a game against Utah. This is the rest of your life…live with it.


I couldn’t agree more. Well said.


I do get the frustration with the D. byu played dropped 8 into coverage almost the entire game and Hawaii’s WRs still got behind the DBs.


They definitely should have stayed in the MWC. But their arrogance…


They keep talking about “losing the National reputation as a power football program” like it hasn’t happened yet. Sad news, it happened a loooooong time ago. When BYU was a program that was truly feared and respected is a childhood memory for me and I’m in my early 40s. Nobody younger than their early 30s remembers BYU as a national power and it is creeping to recruits PARENTS who barely remember it.

Look I get the desire to be respected for your history. Very few basketball programs have a more respectable reputation than Utah, but guess what, that is ancient history. 1998 was 21 years ago. No current recruit cares. History is irrelevant.

Do I want to be a national power is basketball? Absolutely. Am I deluded enough to believe that we currently are a national power or am I worried about Krystkowiak losing that respect? That ship sailed a long time ago.

My point is, I can’t believe that so many of their fans believe that anybody out there respects them or that they even have anything to lose in that regard.

Case in point: I didn’t even know BYU was playing yesterday and I’m guessing that is true of just about 99% of college football fans out there. I don’t know what bowl game they played in but it might as well be called the Irrelevant Bowl.

The sooner Zoobs get this the happier they’ll be. I’m guessing they’ll never get it.


Nobody outside Provo was even aware that game was on. Even hardcore college football fans aren’t going to watch byu play Hawaii on Christmas Eve.

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I agree. My only question might be, can they find a better person to call plays on O? Maybe not.

Recruits are only aware of 4 or 5 years of history. Everything else is stories that they hear someone tell. Only if your parents are fans of a particular school are they aware of anything that happened 5 years ago. Kids in junior high simply have others things they are doing. At that point, they look up to HS sports and are very little aware of college sports.


I read that he is now serving as a Stake President. For those not aware, that position oversees a region of ~10 congregations and usually is 8-10 years. Of course, if he moves for work or otherwise, he will stop serving. And with the great turnaround Navy had this year after a challenging 2018 (3-10 to 10-2 without JC and transfer opportunities), I think he’s there until he retires.


TDS is 6-7 versus MWC teams over last 13 including the bowl loss


But 1984!


I think you are a few years off in re football memory. I am in my early 30s and remember nothing of the 1996 football season, right when my family is making the transition from BYU to Utah fans.


I was in elementary school during BYU’s dominant years in the 1980s and endured the awesomeness of that fanbase - which ironically is the same group of people who now dominate cougarboard who are appalled if a Ute fan is anything less than cordial to them. 1996 was an outlier year in a program that was mostly in decline at that point. Lavell had lost much of his magic - which is something people forget.

BYU has had some respectable teams since the 80s, but by and large with a few exceptions have been a middle to top quadrant MWC team and nothing more at very, very best for three decades.

My whole point is that not a single recruit they are going after even has a memory of BYU being a ‘national power’ and most likely if their parents do it is a very fleeting memory, so there is nothing that Kalani Sitake can do to diminish that, its gooooooone.


The other reality to keep in mind is that when you are a 17 year-old recruit, even five years ago is a long time.


BYU-P is one of the slowest teams in college football. No DC is going to make them faster.


Slow and getting slower. It used to be that byu had a couple of guys who could run, not enough of them, but they had one or two.

Correct. Five things need to happen for a non-LDS recruit to even care about BYUs ‘national prestige’: their parents need to be 35+, they needed to be hardcore into college football in their early youth, they needed to somehow care about WAC football, they need extraordinary memory, they need to have somehow relayed that respect for BYU to their recruitable kid.

Then if, by some miracle, you do find that unicorn, you’ve also got to recruit against teams who’ve done what BYU did 30+ years ago in the last 5 years.

Just about every poster on CougarBoard believes there is some valley filled with those unicorns that Sitake, Mendenhall, Crowton didn’t/don’t know how to tap into.