Top 5 Overrated Top 5 Underrated

Prime Rib

Baked Potatoes

Prime rib is definitely overrated, not great even at its best. Ribs and brisket can be really good when done right. Smoked meat in general is overrated IMO. I’d take good ramen, sushi, or tacos over BBQ any day


Horseradish and au jus are both really good, anything would taste great with those.

Smoked Prime Rib (Cherry Wood Smoke) with Horseradish sauce, twice baked potato with sour cream, apple sauerkraut, and grilled corn on the cob is the dinner of kings…and Greg at Christmas. :wink:


Swap pastrami and steak, and I’m right there with you…

Wrong on the prime rib and the onions. Those two need to switch categories.

Correct on baked potatoes.


All of these foods are good.

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Underrated: Kimchi

You are welcome to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is.


Remember, cost is a factor too. How much does prime rib cost to get a certain level of enjoyment? Now consider onions.

Absolutely. I would not turn down any of these foods. But consider halibut…cooking it yourself you’re still likely to spend $20. Is it that much better than cod?? Now consider a baked potato with butter, melted sharp cheddar, sour cream, green onions and salt and pepper. That’s about $2 and amazing.


Two things I will never eat under any circumstance. Ever.

I find both of them absolutely disgusting.

That’s messed up.

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All foods that have become somewhat common are delicious. I had to learn to love some foods, and I’m glad I did. The trick now is variety.

Didn’t know it was even possible to overrate Prime Rib. :thinking:



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You must never have had good brisket or steak. They’re a couple of life’s greatest pleasures when done right.


Apparently he didn’t really mean overrated/underrated. He meant overpriced/underpriced.

By the experts own admission a good steak or brisket does not include a sauce, marinade, or complicated dry rub. Steak can be dry aged or have variations of marbling…brisket is brisket, it is not a high quality cut of meat. The cows here produce the same cut of brisket that a Kansas City cow would, in fact, they’re shipped all over the country so the variation in brisket cuts is consistent and negligible.

So how is it that people claim that only brisket from Kansas City or certain individuals is the real deal? It’s nonsense. The only variables are time and temperature.

I’ve heard that Salt Lake City simply can’t have great bagels like the east coast due to altitude. I’ll listen to that, there’s complexity in fermentation that exists in baked goods. Brisket is not that, an experienced cook’s brisket is no different from any other experienced cook’s brisket.

I haven’t read it, but I’m told the cookbook Franklin goes through everything required to make a brisket like the famous place in Austin. They say it’s not trivial.

I’ve had pulled pork at a lot of places, and it’s never been as good as the pulled pork I got when I lived in North Carolina.