The Debate is dumb with Whataburger and In-N-Out

I have family in Texas and California. I grew up with In-N-Out and had many family reunions around Whataburger. Both are Waaaaaaaaaay Overrated. The truth is my New Mexico family had it better with Blake’s Lotaburger.

Am I wrong?

Never had Whataburger, and love In-n-Out. The problem with In-n-out is that people compare them with ‘luxury’ burger places, which in taste and quality is fine. But In-n-out competes with Burger King and McDonald’s with regards to price, and easily kicks their asses.

The one that I find significantly overrated is 5 Guys. Burned to a crisp, with quality less than In-n-Out, for significantly more money.


Personally, I find the burger “meh” and their fries are an abomination. I’d rather have tacos than In-N-Out. It’s a fine burger but not mind-blowing. I’m comparing them to Whataburger, Lotaburger and if you’ve been to East Tennessee or West Tennessee Pal’s Sudden Service.

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The key with the fries is to grab a fork and get them animal style. They’re no longer fries and instead a delicious cheesy casserole.

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I’ve had both Whataburger and In-N-Out. You are correct, neither is great. If given a choice I’ll take Whatburger. IMO it is superior to In-N-Out. Perhaps it’s being from Texas that has it encoded into my DNA, or whatnot.

As many times as I’ve been to NM in the past, I have family there too, most near Socorro, I never tried Blakes. Or if I did try Blakes, I don’t recall it.

FWIW I’ll take both of them over the McArnold’s (how many of you remember that reference?), or Burger King. Wendy’s is ok, same with Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.

We had a discussion along these lines awhile back about chicken joints. I used to say Popeye’s>Bojangle’s>everyone else. Now I’ll reverse Bojangles and Popeye’s.

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Yeah, my family is all from the Las Cruces, Roswell, and my more hardcore family and where I had Blake’s was in Farmington, NM. It’s all about the Green Chiles. @UteKing mentioned animal style fries. As you said, then it’s not about the fries. Burger King and Wendy’s messed up their fries years ago.

For me, the Green Chiles on the Blake’s Lotaburger is hard to compete:

Also, if in Los Angeles go to Original Tommy’s or The Hat for Pastrami instead of In-N-Out.


We put green chiles on our burgers here. Another good part of being from West TX (El Paso), and having family in NM. I miss the smell of roasting chlies. If they were hot enough, they could make your eyes water.

Man, if you ever make it out to Ea. NC, let me know. I’d love to meet you in person. Seems we have more in common that meets the eye, or at least meets thru a fan board.

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Everyone on here forgets I was raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California (only blonde haired blue-eyed student at Etiwanda HS that wasn’t Mormon) with a father from Alabama. Lived in Alabama off and on and moved to Kentucky in High School. I always see my background as more Western than Southern.

I was heading to Outerbanks in 2021 but moved all my trips back a year and now it’s 2022.

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I won’t hold being raised in Cali against you. :joy: I like you too much, you introduce me to new music. I grew up in Utah, not Mormon myself, from West TX. Like you I view myself as more Western than Southern. I love the high desert of Utah, Wyo, Colorado. Love the food from NM, W TX, and AZ.

Don’t think we’re moving before you’d get out to OBX. We’re on one of the major routes to OBX. We’re not far from the US 64 and I-95 jct. We probably live closer to the US 264 I-96 Jct.

If you make it this way, let us know. I’d be happy to fix you some BBQ, not the roasted pork they do here and call Q. Or if you prefer, some comfort food from NM. I make my own red enchilada sauce, and a pretty mean green chili.

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Maybe we’ll all meet up and I just go to a Utes game.

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There’s an idea!!!

I’ve never really tried In’n’out. If you are in SLC, why bother when Crown Burger is a thing?


I went to a Shake Shack in Monticello, Utah this summer. Lol. Oddly, they were wearing SEC gear for “SEC day.” Weirdest experience I’ve ever had in Sam Juan County:


The best burger I ever got was at the Training Table. The Bleu Bacon Burger and Cheese Fries were the bomb.


Wow, there’s a restaurant that I haven’t thought of in a LONG time. Training Table was good for a long time, then blammo, not so much.


And an order of cheese fries…omg I miss Training Table. No, JCW’s is not the same. At least they tried though.

I also really miss Eat-A-Burger


Cowboy Grub
Frontier Pies
Marie Calendar’s
The Heather
Maggie MacGees
Big Dawg’s
Pizza Hut Dine-in when it was still good


Does anyone remember The Shed? It was a little steakhouse in some SLC alleyway. I barely remember it. It’s where I had my first steak when I was xmas shopping with my Dad. I remember it as glorious, but I was just a kid, so I’m sure my memory is not accurate.


I really miss the training table - they had a burger with roasted Anaheim Peppers (don’t recall what it was called) that was GREAT! The Bleu Bacon Burger was another favorite.

My all-time favorite (just a hamburger) hamburger, was from the Mount Aire Cafe in Park City. For a time, they also ran the small drive-in in Kamas (on the road to Mirror Lake). Several times I rode the Mirror Lake Highway on my bike to the summit and back, thinking the whole way about the burger and fries at the end of the trip.


Frontier Pies had the most incredible Sour Cream Apple Pie. To die for

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The local choice is usually the best choice. Making a list for next time I drive through SLC