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Mt. St. Helens


Actual street in Shanghai


Not long ago I came across a fascinating YT video talking about how Geologists are rethinking their analysis of plate tectonics and how the RockyMountains were formed in 2 different ways, including the uplifts resulting the the Colorado/Wyoming major block uplifts (as opposed to the completely different mechanics responsible for the Wasatch, Sawtooth, Bitterroot, and other Western Rockies ranges. It specifically focused on the Farallon/JuanDeFuca mini-plate responsible for the formation of the Cascade volcanoes. I found it quite curious that the mountain formation involved in these western chains is named for a regional name unlikely to be known outside Utah: Sevier.

Fascinating stuff. go to 15:30 for direct conversation about the plate in question, but I do encourage watching the whole thing if you have time.


Fascinating stuff. I wish I knew more about geology.

There’s a geological formation called the Farmington Canyon Complex in Davis County that supposedly is between 1.7 and 2.4B years old, apparently much older than the Rockies, Cascades & Sierra. So apparently it was all Pangea when these rocks came up. North wasn’t north, and south wasn’t south… yet.

Here’s some of this formation above Bountiful (in the foreground):

I just hope the giant volcano that is Yellowstone hangs in there for a while longer.



@Ma-ake out in the West Desert today.


He looks grumpy, so the star is for the West Desert in the background.

JK :grinning:


I lost a penny out there 40 years ago. Have to keep searching until I find it.

Seriously, nothing like the open spaces of the GSL desert, between Cedar Mountains and Wendover. Look on a topographical map - that area is prey unique.

Most people keep their eyes on the Interstate while doing 90 to and from Wendover. Not me. The solitude and vistas are amazing 5 miles off the road. From a modest high point you can see 50+ miles in every direction. It’s nice to leave civilization behind for a few hours.

A sheep herder and (especially) his dog didn’t appreciate the company, though.


I know that Steggy’s will appreciate this, and I’m know there are several on the board who are old enough to remember these cameras when they were current technology. Recently, I came across a couple of very old Minolta cameras. These belonged to my mother-in-law, who was a very accomplished artist, and became an accomplished photographer largely as a way of capturing subjects to paint

Both of these cameras, all the accompanying lenses, filters, etc. were purchased in the 70’s, by my mother-in-law, often with me by her side helping her with choices. I have an SRT 201, (also pictured), and have decades worth of great photos using that old camera. (I also have a couple of newer Minoltas, and a couple of nice old 70’s vintage Nikons.)

Enjoy the snapshots of these old treasures and happy shooting everyone!

MILs first camera - SRT100

Her second camera - SRTMC-II

And my old SRT 201


The 100 and 201 are my go to analog cameras. That’s a nice Rokkor lens you’ve got there. The great thing about cameras from this era is that they are built to last, and will still be operational many years from now. Minolta lenses are arguably the best lenses from that time because Minolta made their own glass. Very cool!


This is a film shot of Stansbury Island taken Jan ‘23 out by the Saltair. I’m fairly certain I used a Minolta SRT 100 with a zoom lens. The film was Cinestill 400D, which I’m fairly certain is rebranded Kodak film. For landscape photography it’s one of my favorite locations to shoot at.


Different kinds of photos here. But marvelous. I had no idea that Saturn has 156 moons, and there may be more we haven’t discovered yet.


My wife bought this year’s James Webb telescope photo calendar.



Someone took an AMAZING picture of Ogden High School with a rainbow above it… I’ve always loved the Golden Castle where I went to high school, but this picture is just “chef’s kiss” !!


I’ll be submitting these two photos to the Springville Salon this April.


I have an SRT-101. Love that camera! I also have some newer Minoltas, an X-700 and a couple autos. I don’t like any of them as much as my SRT.

Always ben a fan of Eliot Porter’s ladscape and avian photography. Maybe someone with much greater understanding of color composition can describe his use of light.


Nima Sarakhani’s award-winning polar bear photo is pretty amazing. Beautiful image that really captures the earth’s fragility.

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