The cool pictures thread

A few snaps I took last week on vacation.

At Fort Royal on St. Marguerite Island, with mainland France in the background:

A typical street in the old village of Cagnes-sur-Mer, France:

Ventimiglia, Italy… view of harbor and the Mediterranean from the edge of the upper village:


We spent a few days camping at Joes Valley Reservoir. We didn’t spend any time on the water, just did some exploring, biking, relaxing, plinking, and eating.
Moon over the mountains

Wildflowers galore at about 9000 ft

Looking east over the reservoir

I think this is a pair of Osprey and their nest

View from about 10,000 feet


Are there mountain biking trails in the area?

Not that I could find. Just dirt roads with lots of ATV traffic. I rode one morning ar 6:00 am up towards Skyline drive for about 11 miles and 2500 vert before the traffic got bad.

The Good Water Trail at San Rafael Swell is about 40 miles away. But it’s too hot this time of year for that trail.

We spent some time on St. Marguerite Island a few years back. It was so refreshing to get away from the mobs in Cannes. Really liked it.

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Pretty cool how untouched it is. I think I read somewhere that they almost ended up developing it in the 19th or early 20th century. Glad that didnt happen.

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I drove this yesterday and I wasn’t even hanging out with @LAUte


Everyone should have a Farmall…

1946 Farmall “A”. I’ve been looking for years for a 1949 International Harvester pickup (Ute Red) to go with it, but have not found one yet.


I hope you stayed off the highway!

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Had a local farmer in Magna that would get his family together to drive his 10 antique tractors in the Magna 4th of July Parade.

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Every year we go to this same place in Bear Lake. It is way down this year, but undeniably beautiful. This place is slightly off the beaten path but right on the lake, so only a handful of boats and beach-goers. Of all the places we travel each year this remains my favorite.


Taken today

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A typical Sanpete Valley sunset. It was cloudy all day, and suddenly as the sun set the clouds cleared a little and we had this.


Tower Falls, Yellowstone NP.


How was your July? All shot on my Samsung Galaxy S21.

Sunrise on the way up Mt. Shavano (CO 14er)

Dawes Glacier, near Juneau (Endicott arm)

Avalanche Lake, Glacier

Moraine Lake, Banff

Alberta canola fields


I starred this post, but I felt like flipping the bird out of jealousy.


That canola field photo looks like it was taken West of Cardston likely near Leavitt.

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Bingo. There were a few stretches along 2 north of Cardsten (coming down from Calgary) that were equally beautiful. I couldn’t get enough of them. There were some fields that were pink - any idea what those were?


Sulfur meets water meets iron! Nothing quite like touring an active super volcano!