The cool pictures thread

A late fall drive, a couple of years ago, near the summit of the Mt. Nebo Loop road, looking back to the southwest toward Nephi.


Taken yesterday morning on the Midas Creek trail in Herriman after the inversion cleared out.


BNW film shots from behind Shriner’s the other week- definitely one of my favorite spots in Salt Lake. Most of you will notice the image of Lone Peak, which is my favorite mountain in Utah. Unbeknownst to many, a plane crashed near the summit in 1936, which brought Amelia Earhart herself to Salt Lake in an attempt to locate the wreckage.


Looking toward the LaSal Mountains from near the Colorado River, east of Moab:


Beautiful late afternoon at the U today (from above 11th Ave)


These are the remnants of Latuda, Utah. I visited about a year ago and the review saying that the snow could be “impressively deep” was absolutely true. The town is located about 5 miles from Helper and there’s not much left of it.


Great photo and interesting place, with an interesting history…

My FIL had an aunt, Puddie (Ruth) Valentine, who was born in Brigham City sometime in the early 1900s, who trained as a school teacher and took her first job in Latuda. After a few years, she moved to Castlegate, another old mining town which is now a ghost town, also near Helper. She moved, the story goes, as Castlegate was apparently less isolated.

She worked as an old maid school teacher her entire life. In 1974, the mining company, which owned the entire town, closed the town and moved all of the residents and many buildings to Spring Canyon just outside of Helper.

Puddie retired about that time and met and married a fellow from Helper. I met Aunt Puddie once in the late 70’s, at the first Valentine family reunion I attended after marrying into the family. She was one of my FILs favorite people and he talked about her a lot, mostly noting that she had lived a very difficult life.

There is (or was the last time was through there) an interesting little local historical museum in Helper with a lot of info and photos of both little towns and of Helper.


Pics from my roof recently! Go Utes!


@salUTE Fascinating info!

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Cinestill 400D film shot on a Minolta SRT-100 (@LAUte ’s missionary camera) with a 135mm telephoto lens at about 5:30 in the evening.



Driving into L.A. this evening, not as coolas SLC, but for us So Cal people it’s pretty cool


“California dreaming! (California dreaming)
On such a winter’s daayyyy”


Moonset over the South Pacific


Sometime, fairly early in my career (late 80s’s), I was working for Unisys, doing UNIX OS development and representing them on UNIX International Standards committees. On a trip to London to meet with a POSIX committee, I took the following photograph on the way into the subway.

I had it framed and it was a fixture in every cubicle, shared office, office or suite I occupied until I retired recently. I just unpacked the box from my last office as an employee, found it, and put it on the wall of my home (now only) office.

I’d like to think I lived up to the reason I took the photo in the first place, the phrase, “Keep Your Standards”. I probably didn’t do nearly as well as my memory believes I did, but I’ll keep trying.


There’s an abandoned school bus in Delle, which is located in Skull Valley about 20 miles west of Grantsville. I’ve been out there a few times to take photos and I thought I’d get some of this interesting desert landmark. Does anyone know more about the town of Delle and what it once was?