The cool pictures thread

I have a 2000 Isuzu Trooper, that is my favorite car of all time - still drive it, but it is getting very tired. I would love to turn it into an electric vehicle - are you familiar with or have any recommendations for an organization that does especially good custom work in this area?

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I don’t have anyone - just individuals doing it - all I know is that Ford has created a power unit specifically for this purpose - but I don’t know enough about it to say if it would work with Isuzu. We had a 94 Trooper that I loved too.

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The best part of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” was all of the classic rides Seinfeld was able to rustle up. That car would’ve made a great car for Jerry to pick up Larry David.

@330ute - Nice shots. One of the perks of having that as your office is some amazing photos for those who have the eye.

Impressed… with the shots & the office.


Speaking of cool cars, I went to the Land Cruiser museum today. Talk about classic vehicles.

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Big Mountain last night.


Wow! Great shot.
Same shot with crop/edit choices:


A “Trulii” house in Alberobello, Italy.



Antelope Island in the foreground, Pilot Peak, Nevada in the distance, from Bountiful Peak


Last winter in my front yard. It was like somehow we moved to the Taiga the way the snow stuck to everything.


I’ve thought about hiking Pilot Peak then looked into it, sounds like there isn’t much of a trail so you have to hoof it straight up a steep talus slope for a few thousand vertical feet. I don’t know that my knees could take it on the way down.

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Yeah, the nice part about hiking Pilot Peak (“Waahkai” in Shoshone) is it’s not a long hike. The bad part is it’s over 4000 feet of vertical, in rugged terrain… and that’s if you 4WD as high as you can to Miner’s Spring on the SE corner.

I think about the best time to hike it is in September. Any earlier it’s a pretty marginal proposition if you can carry enough water to avoid getting dehydrated.

Here’s another shot of it from about 25,000 feet from the S-SW.


Funny - as we all get older - that he biggest thing I’ve noticed, is all of a sudden going downhill is much, much harder than going uphill.