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So, funny follow-up story from that picture.

The last night we were at the cabin, I was awoken at 4:50am by someone screaming at the top of their lungs outside, down by the other cabin you can see in that picture. They were screaming about how “Those motherf$%ckers aren’t going to catch me!” and “I’m going to kill every last one of them!” and “All those motherf#&kers are going to pay.” and “They’ll all be sorry for this!”. Every other frenzied rant was punctuated by a loud Rick Flair-ish “WOOOOOOOO!!!” screamed out into the trees.

This went on for about 15 minutes, and was (obviously) starting to make me really damn nervous that some nut job was about to go on a murder spree 100 yards away from us. So I was on the phone with 911 at 5:00am while everyone else in our cabin was dead asleep. Cops showed up and when I told them what was going on, it sounded like this wasn’t the first time they’ve been called out there. They had a pretty tense discussion with the dude (looked like they came to the door with their guns drawn), but finally got him calmed down. I can only assume there were very significant drugs and/or alcohol involved to be screaming paranoid rantings at the trees at 5:00 on a random Thursday morning.

We were due to check out that morning anyway, so we sped up that process a bit once everyone woke up and booked it out of there very quickly. There were a couple dudes that strolled by on morning walks, and I’ll admit it made me a little nervous. Was a bit afraid the dude had come to “finish his job”.


That is a crazy story (and beautiful area of the country). Not to turn any of this political, but boy, that’s what red flag laws seem perfect to address. Thoughts/threats + influenced by substances + impulse could equal bad things (really any of those 2).


Visited Manzanar. Shot some hoops and experienced the beauty in a place of much pain.


Wow, glad no one was hurt. FWIW we were a couple of hours northeast of you 2 weeks ago in and around Johnson City for a bike race. That part of TN is beautiful. Hope you got to do some good exploring, while I’m in Knoxville next week I have a couple days where I’m not involved with the USPros, I’m going to head out to explore. Hopefully I get some good pics to share, both of bikes and the area.

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I’ll start…

A picture is worth a thousand words

Boulder bike ride


IBM ships a 5MB hard drive in 1956:

Question for you mathletes out there: What is the bandwidth (mbps) of this truck traveling 60mph down the highway?


Some Sanpete County shots:


5MB = 40Mb

Bandwidth on a network usually involves some fraction of the speed of light. Speed of light covers about one foot per nanosecond… which is kind of freaky.

Truck going 60 covers 88 feet per second.

But bandwidth doesn’t necessarily involve the speed of the medium (like with disk transfer speeds), so I’ll go with 40Mbps.


Granby, CO

We used to say, “Never underestimate the bandwidth of FedEx” when shipping by Fedex overnight boxes of hard drives.

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Sydney Harbor


Greenland and noctilucent clouds ( base of clouds 200,000 to 350,000 ft.


Oops, should have edited a little bit😖

I took this I during an October trip to Mount Rushmore. The day before was beautiful and sunny. I liked the way the water ran off the faces.


Excellent photos.

They were crying because of Trump!


Father in law finished his show car last week. 1965 Corvair.


Sweet. I’ve grown a real fondness for classic cars that I never had before. I’ve been pretty obsessed with the guys who are taking these muscle cars and turning them into electric vehicles lately - kinda the best of both worlds. That vintage Ford F150 they put the Ford power unit in is my dream car.


I know absolutely nothing about cars, but it sure does look cool.

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I firmly fall in that camp - I couldn’t tell you a thing about them, but think they are cool.

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