The 2022 Rose Bowl (!) Thread

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A Rising star

Utah wrapped up the Pac-12 title by squashing Oregon Ducks for the second time in three weeks on Friday, and the Utes will head to the Rose Bowl as arguably the hottest team in the country. The biggest reason: QB Cameron Rising.

Utah opened the season with Baylor transfer Charlie Brewer at QB, and it didn’t go well. After beating Weber State in the opener, the Utes dropped games at BYU and San Diego State. Brewer was benched midway through the loss to the Aztecs, and Rising finished the game with three TD passes in a comeback that fell just short.

What might have been if Rising had been on the field all along?

Utah is 8-1 in Rising’s starts, and he has racked up 23 touchdowns and five picks.

Credit to Brewer, whose departure seems to have inspired both Baylor and Utah to New Year’s Six appearances. It’s rare someone leaving generates so much happiness outside of Florida head coaches.

Rising has 18 touchdown passes this season, with a bowl game yet to be played. At Utah, that’s an impressive tally. No Utes QB has topped 20 in a year since 2008 – which just so happens to also be the last year Utah played in a BCS or New Year’s Six bowl and the last time it finished ranked in the top 10.


There are no bars really within walking distance of the Rose Bowl. Yes, you can use Uber/Lyft but be careful as it takes MUCH longer than it used to as there are less drivers and the demand will be huge. If you come to L.A. have your own car or rental like everyone else. Nobody walks in L.A. (still).

I wouldn’t mess with the Rose Bowl shuttle either unless you have to. Just drive and park at the golf course. You can tailgate on your own too. And please watch to make sure you don’t drive into the ravine when leaving as its very dark.

I’ve been to the Rose Bowl Game more recently than SC (just messing with you). The shuttle is fine and preferable for me. I didn’t have any issues getting in and out and beating the traffic issue parking at the golf course (from my experience). I also rent a car from Midway Car Rental at LAX. I will say, pack your patience. The Rose Bowl is over crowded on typical years but with the pandemic it may be even slower.

Mask up

I don’t like the shuttle because a) if you lose, you’re packed on it sitting next to liquored-up celebrating fans of the team you just lost to. and b) you have to wait to get out of the shuttle parking lot and the surrounding freeway is already packed by then.

Each his own.

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I’m also not watching my team the last time I went and I bailed early in the 4th. Probably the reason. You’re probably right. That said, if your team wins that shuttle is going to be fun.

I appreciate the comments from those who have attended the Rose Bowl and parade in the past. Spouse and I decided to make this our Christmas and will be going, along with my 88 year old father. He is quite healthy, and has a lot of energy but can’t walk long distances due to a bad knee. We really would like to try to get to both the parade and the game. We found a hotel a few miles from both the parade route and the stadium. We are just trying to figure out the best way to get to them both. I am thinking maybe Uber? Dad heard about the shuttle and thinks that is a possibility, but I heard that there is still a bit of a walk from where the shuttle drops you off. Is that correct?
Also, what are the logistics like on the parade. Do you have to purchase tickets? Will it be a nightmare trying to get from the parade to the game? Would that be the time to try to use an Uber? (or will it be really hard to get one - demand too high?)
Thanks for any advice.


I don’t think those prices have held up. I paid significantly more for seats in the south end zone.

Buy tickets from Sharpe for Rose Parade (also good parking passes there):

Get Tix near the Parsons Parking on Holly Street because that’s where the shuttle goes from. The corner of Orange and Colorado are probably the better spot for the parade. It’s not a bad walk from the shuttle drop off to the stadium gate. Maybe half a mile.

I saw advice somewhere about not trying to go to the parade if you’re going to the game (i.e., save the experience for another year when your team’s not playing). I assume that’s due to logistics but would love to hear a take on this from somebody who has gone.

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Don’t go if you want to tailgate. Go if you want the exoerience. There is more than enough time from parade to kick off. If you have older kids or feel crafty you can always volunteer to decorate a parade float. We’ve done it in the past and skipped the parade. You can always feel you experienced it through creation.

BTW, the interlocking U looks nice:


Thanks for the insight LA, OC, and Bamafan - We booked a holiday Inn in Burbank (ihg points) parking at the golf course, parade seats on colorado near orange, and game tix.

How early should we plan on being to the golf course to park to make the Parade? Mobility isn’t an issue, so we’re just planning on walking from our car to the parade and back to the game.

If you are walking from the golf course to the parade give yourself time to park and walk two plus miles. Depending on where on Colorado your seats are located. You can take the shuttle back if you don’t want to walk Back. They want folks there around 6am in their seats.

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Brookside Golf course is adjacent to the Rose Bowl and unless something has changed the lot doesn’t open until 10:00 or 11:00 AM - after the parade is over. It’s way too far to park there, walk to the parade, and back for the Rose Bowl anyway.

Do NOT count on UBER and/or LYFT on New Years Day. You’ll face super-surge pricing, heavy demand, and a long wait if you can get one. You’re in “L.A.” bring or rent a car.

EDIT: I stand corrected. Rose Bowl Game—Visit Pasadena | Visit Pasadena

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Good stuff Greg.

Parsons has parking for Parade only right near your seats and then you can drive down to golf course.

Thoughts on just doing an Uber from some random location a few miles away to the stadium or is it easy enough to park within a mile?

Y’all better be ready to pay surge pricing in LA during a New Years’ day event. Seriously, it’s pretty affordable to park your car. Those hitting Parade and Game should check out the parking on this site: Parking