The 2022 Rose Bowl (!) Thread

As we prepare for this awesome dream of a game, we might as well have a thread on it.

For starters here is a seat map for the Rose Bowl:

I think you forgot to actually link something? It’s completely blank for me…

Try again.

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Sigh. I remember thinking that $60 tickets for the Fiesta bowl in 2004 were expensive.


They were that cheap because the fiesta bowl didn’t bother to fix the bathroom plumbing if I recall correctly :flushed::woozy_face:


well what did you expect wiht 17 years of television rights inflation? That whole evil mess is just destroying the sould of COllege sports. I remember the relatively SMALL NCAA tournament at the “SPecial Events Center”. THe legendary final with Johnson and Bird. Now the place is too small for even subregionals in the TV production book.

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Homey is going to watch this one from my basement while getting a massage in my massage chair.


Congratulations again.

If you’re buying a package deal don’t waste your time reading this. If you’re making your own reservations maybe this might help?

I would avoid staying anywhere in or around downtown L.A. Yes, there’s L.A. Live and many high-end hotels and restaurants. However, the area has deteriorated, and I just don’t advise it. If you choose to stay DO NOT ride the Metro Gold Line from downtown to Pasadena as you don’t want to be a crime statistic on your vacation.

A better alternative is to stay somewhere in Pasadena near old-town or Orange County. Staying in/near old town Pasadena, the restaurants will be filled with Utah and XXX fans. It’s fun and you’re close to the Rose Bowl. Orange County is another good option. Lots of visiting teams stay in the O.C. near South Coast Plaza or Fascist/Fashion Island in Newport Beach. You’re close to Disneyland and you’ll definitely want to strut your new gear at downtown Disney. There’s the beach too and although it’s too cold there are many good restaurants and high-end shopping. It’s not that long of a drive to the parade or the game.

If you go the parade AND the game it’s a very long day and no fun with a hangover or little sleep. Pace yourself on New Year’s Eve. You must go to the Rose Parade at least once in your life especially if it’s your band marching down Colorado Blvd. Buy tickets in the bleachers for the game, don’t spend the night on the sidewalk to save money. That would be a mistake. Also, it gets deceptively cold in the Arroyo Secco. Yes, you’re in CA. but it does get cold there.

If you want to see a celebrity (don’t pretend you don’t) book a table at Craig’s in West Hollywood but leave your gear in the hotel room

Have fun.



I didn’t pay $350 but my seats are listed as $350. :man_shrugging:

I generally agree with ocgreg. For about two years prior to the pandemic I lived in the business district downtown. (I lived in LA for 36 year before that.). As long as you know where you’re going, and don’t go certain areas that are more than a few blocks from the business district, you will be OK. So if you go there, you’ll want to go either with someone who knows the area, or know it yourself. There are some fantastic restaurants and some fine old clubs where you can have a great, safe time. I’m even working on setting up a Utah event downtown at one of those clubs. But that will be in a very safe, controlled environment.

If you’re in the area you might want to drive through the business district downtown. You can see the Disney concert hall, the Broad Museum, MOCA, and other such landmarks.

Pasadena is a lot more fun, the old town section is very livable and safe. It will be filled with Utah fans. So will Disneyland. When we have been there at Rose Bowl time we have even seen players from the teams who are in the Rose Bowl.

I agree with ocgreg about the parade. Everyone should see it at least once, but not the same day you’re going to the game.

In the OC Newport Beach is a fun place to visit. Cross the bridge to Balboa Island and walk around that quaint little place. Maybe rent a small boat and putt around the bay.

Take the ferry from the island across the bay to the Balboa peninsula and walk around there. The big beach and the Pacific Ocean are right there-- a fun party-like atmosphere too. At the end of the Balboa Pier is Ruby’s, a nice two-story burger place. You can get a table there whole you watch the Sea-Doos and sailboats. (Wear sunscreen.)

Go Utes!

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Y’all can look on VRBO and stay in the hills near the Hollywood Bowl like I do. Usually comparable to staying in a nice hotel but with more comfort.

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I’m watching the Iowa – Michigan game and I’m confused about the outcome’s significance. If Michigan wins, that means we play Ohio State in the Rose Bowl? And if Iowa wins, we play them. Am I right?


that’s what I’ve heard. I also saw a projected early line of Ohio St -9.

WARNING: If you are an even moderately attractive man, or a bear-type with facial hair, prepare to be ogled and/or hit on in West Hollywood. It IS sort of the Gay capital of California now. Being an incorporated city and all. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

We just saw Dead & Co at the HWB. WeHo was fun and safe. Don’t know the cost from there to a neighborhood bar near the Stadium, but I’ll bet it’s reasonable. Get an amazing B&B like we did and then just factor in travel time…? Kudos to @BamaFanNKY & @ghostofOCGreg for sage advise. Then you get to go that aforementioned restaurant as well!
But I of course, defer to local knowledge.
Local knowledge is paramount.

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Plus side is that I am Always getting free drinks.


That would be down the road in Westwood and you have nothing to worry about.


Not according to my queer friends who live IN WeHo. THey warned me about it, back when I was a bit younger ( like 10 years ago). Now, yeah, I’d have nothing to worry about being a broken-down wreck with a nearly fully white beard

Ever been to Chatsworth?

Ah… my Christmas gift is going to the Rose Bowl. I think this is the first time in maybe 20 years I’ve actually wanted something for Christmas.