Super Bowl Sunday

We’re all Rams fans today, right? I am everyday but does Weddle winning a title sway y’all?

Yes indeed. Go Rams! Go Utes!


I am a fan of buffalo wings, cheesy potatoes, corn on the cob, and chips with clam dip.

Just hope the game is entertaining and the halftime show doesn’t screw up the game by taking almost a damned hour.


Yes, cheering for the Rams but making Cincinatti chili. Go Gay, Weddle, Burgess, and Von Miller. Also wouldn’t mind Donald and Stafford to get a W. I just felt bad for Stafford being in Detroit’s dumoster fire that also prematurely ended Barry Sanders and maybe Megatron’s careers (even though I didn’t really like him, he was an incredible WR).


No, I don’t think so today. There’s just something about McVay that really irks me. I hope Weddle and Gay have good games. I wouldn’t be disappointed if they got a title, but McVay just irks me.


Say What?

I don’t like McVay, it colors how I view the Rams. I lament that Weddle and Gay are on the Rams, but that doesn’t mean I want them to do poorly.


Slightly leaning toward the Rams due to the Utes and I’m sort of a sucker for Blue & Yellow/Gold uniforms, but my biggest priority will be the fun cheeses, crackers, Korean chicken wings, Fisher beer, cheesecake, and real Portugese port we’ve planned in.


Why, state of Utah, why?? I can think of no logical connection to the Bengals (geographical or otherwise), yet there are three Utes playing for the Rams.

I also have no explanation for my home state of Washington, other than Seahawks fans may want to root against our division mates out of spite.


I am cheering or the Vikings


I wouldn’t be surprised if Cougarboard Jimmered this poll out of Utah hate.


Well get ready for some Utes fans to lose their ■■■■ because Matt Gay introduced himself as being from Orem and not from the University of Utah. A scandal of Sean Smith proportions. :roll_eyes:


I think Utahns tend to look at California–and L.A. in particular–as a scary world of “others.” Maybe that’s part of it.


Is Weddle out there?

Yes. He has the “green dot” the one defensive player who has a radio to feet communication from the sidelines. He directs the defense on the field.

I think he is #20.

I don’t think he has sat out a single down. #20.

Good lord, this is a boring game.

Not much offense…at least the tablegate was good.

Time for the mute button.

Sounds like every Vegas House Party we ever went to from Dixie during the off season.