Super Bowl Best/Worse Halftime Show

I have probably only seen half the Super Bowls since its inception. It does seem to have gotten to be more sizzle than steak over the years but there have been some very exciting games and decent halftime shows.
Wondering what folks were thinking for a best/worst halftime show ever?

Paul McCartney
Tom Petty

The Who
Bruce Springsteen

How is Springsteen on the worst list?

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I don’t know. I thought it was gratuitous at the time. Flame away if you need, but, I never got the hype about Bruce.
Nice guy/Excellent writter & musician. I just never appreciated his stage presence.
I would also include the Stones and the Who. Maybe I’m just constipated and cranky…

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Are we talking favorite artist or best show? Because I’m not a Katy Perry or Bruno Mars fan but their half time shows were really good. On the flip side I like the Stones and Bruce Springsteen but their halftime shows both sucked.

Prince on the other hand, I like and his show was awesome, so I’m giving my vote to Prince as the best.


Prince is a nearly unanimous #1.


I guess high energy and creativity aren’t for everyone.

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Trans slap gus? Transmission clap bust? Baby I was born not to run?

Springsteen sucks. Total non talent.


Ideas like this are a good litmus test to discern who doesn’t really understand music.

Some people think they like music, but it turns out they don’t even “get” music. It’s like the guy who thinks he likes steak but always orders it medium well. That dude doesn’t even know what steak is.


I think all SB halftime shows have been barely ok at best, regardless as to who the entertainer is. Might as well have an attractive, half-dressed woman jump around and shake it, and then get back to the game.

McCartney on any ‘best’ list negates any following opinion. McCartney is a no talent assclown. He should be in prison.


How much time does one get for ass-clownery?

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I think he has talent. But I’m not in the “Bruce is God” club. Coming from the East Coast, I’m aware of how unpopular it is to question anything about Bruce. Ever.
But I was a Yankees fan in Boston, so…

What’s with that song-ending-for-an-hour-outro schtick though?
Not super creative

I entirely agree.

The half time show should be marching bands.


That’s what it used to be.
I do like the modern approach more. I don’t have a problem with it all. I just thought I’d start a thread for fun to see what people are passionate about.

Yeah, USC Band plating Tusk!


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Paul McCartney’s never going to die. His hair is all natural and it’s fabulous.

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There was a halftime show??? Wait!!! There was a game, too???

All I saw was a documentary on Amazon Prime. :film_projector:

Ok, no Raiders…no watchie!!! I will say the buffalo wings turned out awesome, and the cheesy twice-baked potatoes hit the spot, too.

Who says you can’t at least have a great meal before watching something other than the game.