Start of Conference play

Pre season is almost done. Conference play starts Thursday with a dooosey. What have you seen this season that you like and what things can we get better at?

We have been shooting the ball from deep better this year. Not by much but we are ahead of the national avg. This was a big concern of mine but glad to see it trending in the right direction. Hopefully it continues into conference play.

Top 3rd in assists and ast/turn ratio keep that trending in the right direction. Worster is the only one with a 2/1 ratio. Would like to see saunders and steph get there soon.

We have struggled against physical teams in the paint. I figured this was going to be an issue but this has to get better in order for us to have a chance vs the big boys in the conference. Carlson’s scoreless streak cannot happen again.

I would still like to see them run their motion offense for stretches. Not sure why coach smith is so opposed to it. Maybe to many new guys but starting 5 should have a good feel by now.

More pick and rolls where the big actually sets a screen and doesn’t bail out early to dive/pop.

I will be happy if they can be competitive with Zona. If they clean more up and play some solid defense, maybe they squeak out a win over a really good Wildcat team.

from what I have watched, Worster and Madsen are improved from a year ago. Lazar and BC are about the same. Ben Carlson and Baxter have been better than expected. It looks like Keba and Exacte have potential. Not sure about Turloc. I really have not seen enough of Saunders to form an opinion. He comes in and then is back out.

Madsen can shoot, but seems to be a volume shooter. Holt appears to be a really good shooter as well, and seems like he’s been given a green light, and he’s not small. Maybe having both in at the same time will put serious pressure on opposing defenses, allowing some solid 3 looks.

Brenchley not getting minutes is the best indication we have significantly more talent than last year.

Because of the portal, how the rotation tightens may impact next year, quickly. Balancing act trying to get better right now vs keep building toward the future.

Jaxon seems like a great kid but he should have left after last year. The writing had to be on the wall for him. a SG that can’t shoot is a bad look. It’s to bad because we could use another scholarship to … waste on nobody.

If Holt can pick things up on the defensive end Steph, Will, Luka and Bostyn give us some good depth/variety at the wing position.

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I think Jaxon could play a lot of places, but he’s a Ute & we’re proud to have him.

The announcers were talking like he was some kind of enchanted soul… grounded, conversational, beaming happy.


Wish we weren’t playing Zona so early before our team has a few more weeks to prepare for possibly the strongest conference opponent. Also hurts a number of potential fans will be headed to Vegas (wonder if we’ll even have the band there tomorrow night).

But we’ll be there to cheer them on.

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My old UteFans bone kicked in and I thought you were going to say “a panic pick-up” after “waste on”.


Let’s hope we shoot the 3 tonight as well as we did vs st thomas. 62% would be very nice!

So far so good. But I can scarcely count the number of times Utah has played Arizona tough for 20 to 30 minutes only to lose heartbreakingly or have Arizona go on a late blitz and win comfortably.

Everything going right for Utah

Hope they can keep this up for 20 minutes. Would be a huge win.

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Sigh, lead evaporating quickly

I’m starting to feel really bad that I missed going to this game, when I had tickets and live only a short distance away. This is amazing.

If this continues, I’m afraid Arizona’s ranking is going to suffer. Such a shame. It would be more fun if Sean were still their coach.

Looks like we’re going to see if this team can gather some composure, because they seem to be losing it right now with 3:48 to go. This is a great test for them.

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We just saw the dunkus humiliatus. (That’s a technical term.)

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Did I read the final score correctly? A 15pt win over the #4 team? Impressive.