Sick of the cold spring weather

Is it just me, or does this seem like a an unusually cold spring in the Wasatch Front area? I’m pretty tired of it.

St. George is nice.

Not just the Wasatch Front. It’s been unusually cool here in Ea. NC too. I really like it. Summers here are a bear. I can understand your frustration with it in Utah, so much to do outdoors with decent weather. Here, not so much, too humid and too many bugs.

Mornings in the Salt Lake Valley have been a bit chilly (and I’ve used a hoody when taking the dog on its morning walk) but afternoons have been quite nice.

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That is true. I should be less grumpy, I guess. I like to walk the dogs in the mornings, and at 7:30 today it was pretty unpleasant and windy. Obviously, I survived.

I’m worried about lack of moisture


I’ve been thinking that it’s been unusually pleasant. Since I put the XC skis away, on March 5th, and got the bikes out, I already have 900+ miles on the bike, including a fair amount of time on the mountain bike.

Admittedly, most of the riding has been done late in the day, but it feels like I’ve had more good days than an average spring. Too much wind many days, but drier than usual, and sunny.

The ongoing dry spell (started early 2020) is indeed unsettling.

The mornings here in West Jordan have been cool but calm but I imagine for those living on the east side that get canyon winds feel it’s somewhat on the cold side.

1- why is this in the Basketball category?

2- You’ll be longing for these cool days come July and August, when the heat and smoke from fires near and distant are all we have.

1 - Operator error. Corrected.

2 - But what about the nice 70 degree spring days that are late in coming this year. Will we ever see those?

Those days come in May and early June.

Heading to Outer Banks on Saturday. Get your state warmed up for me.

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Nah. April too. I’ve lived those days! Or maybe I was just young and in love.

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I love it, but I’m a colder weather person in general. I’ll take -10 degrees over 100 degrees every day of he week.

Also, I started running a couple months back, and having cooler weather is really helping to keep my motivation high. Much easier to leave the house when I know I won’t be melting into a puddle on the sidewalk midway through my run. I’m a little concerned about actually keeping up the running habit through the summer because I hate the heat so much.


Seems pretty normal to me.

Around here even in the summer the weather is nice and cool for a runner early in the morning.

It just seems to me that morning temperatures in the 30s, in late April, are not fair. I think the government should do something about it.

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It’s 61 this morning in St. George.

It’s all Cheney’s fault.

Been 75-80 for all of April so far here in North Carolina. Been sitting on my back porch enjoying a life all month.