Semi-interesting news from the Land of Enchantment

It seems that the Loobs are interested in Bronco Mendenhall.

Frankly that doesn’t sound like a bad move on the part of the Loobs, presuming Bronco would be interested. Bronco does have a history of working at UNM. This was prior to him moving up to work at BYU under everyone’s favorite, Gary Crowton. From there we know Bronco’s history.

So hanging out on the ranch must be getting dull. I’m sure he would be a massive upgrade over the coaches they’ve had not named Rocky Long.

I thought he was surfing Mavericks

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Maybe he was pining for an El Camino. :wink:


And shiny rocks.


The guy can coach. That’s a major coup for a program like New Mexico.


Ah, the land of entrapment. Grew up there. Really hard to win at UNM. Dennis Franchione did enough to parlay it into the Alabama (under sanctions) job then TAMU. Or something like that. With 1 3 :star2: recruit each year coming out of the state HS ranks, winning the in-state recruiting battle (how is NMSU 9-4?!!!) doesn’t do much. Usually it’s some leftover Texas players. Facilities are underwhelming. Poor bobos :clown_face: :wolf:. Bronco could get then back to 6 wins to male the Shiny Rocks bowl great again.


Bronco’s a weirdo and New Mexico is no slouch on the weird scale. (Truth or Consequences, Alamogordo, Breaking Bad, Norm Ellenberger, etc)

For some reason, I always liked going on road trips to Albuquerque.

This just might work. I wish them well.

EDIT: I was thinking maybe the Lobeaux’s could have a series with BYU, and who knows, maybe it will happen, but I doubt it, for one big reason:

If Bronco and New Mexico beat the Cougs we’d see masses spontaneously detach from reality. Not a partial detachment, I’m talking the Legislature would need to build enormous barns for thousands to live out their years under sedation.

If they built these barns along I-15 near the Tahitian Noni offices, maybe people could lay out tributes to their loved ones, like Golden Cougar Blanket Awards, or Quest for Perfection hoodies, and the like.


So you’re saying that the game should be scheduled…


Pretty close to my thoughts. I was thinking that I might like seeing those overly large barns, but the noises coming from them might keep me away.


I think Bronco would be a great hire. He did some good things at lowly UVA.


I’d coach there if they paid me only in green Chiles


I would need a roaster for the chiles. :wink:


Take UVA’s lowly bowling budget and that would be UNM’s loooowly football program haha

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Yeah but Virginia doesn’t do Christmas on the plate quite like ABQ.


Post BYU I’ve really come to like Bronco and respect him as a coach. I hope he succeeds.


Yeah, his odd mannerisms aside, he is a pretty good coach. In retrospect he was perfect for BYU, except their less than stellar fans and their unrealistic expectations.

If Bronco ends up at UNM, I hope he does well.


Outside the dysfunctional context of the rivalry, I think Bronco is OK, too. Inside the rivalry?.. wow.

There were a lot of crazy episodes this century, but the Vegas Bowl in 2015 was up there.

We got up 35-0 in the first quarter, then our players started the party early and BYU came back to make it pretty intense in the 4th, enough that they had constructed this moral victory…

… that is, until Bronco announced he was headed to Virginia, then they had a Cat 5 meltdown that went on for… well, until today.


Bronco certainly never liked to give Utah credit for anything. Right after we beat them in 08, a reporter asked him if he thought Utah was a top 10 team. His response? “Golly, I don’t know what a top 10 team should look like”.



A good friend of mine is a Mississippi State grad. He came into town to go to the MSU-byu game and a few of us went with him to cheer on the dogs. We were all wearing MSU gear and we got to hear all about how “if the game was 4 minutes longer, we woulda won that game for sure”. So yeah, they were definitely claiming “victory” in the Vegas Bowl game.