Returning for 2023

Landon Morris is apparently transferring, best of luck to him.

Full disclosure: I didn’t know we had a Landon Morris on the team.


Well wherever he transfers will be his third team. He transferred to Utah from Syracuse after spring ball in 2021.

I vaguely remember hearing about a TE transfer from Syracuse, but when I never saw him on the field, I just assumed that didn’t happen for some reason or another.

Here’s our chance to be on the team
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'FOOTBALL Utah Football 14h For more info: උ UTAHUTES.COM WALK ON TRYOUT FEB 7TH 2023 4:45 PM PMMT 28 must submit all paperwork by Feb 2nd'


I might be able to run a sub 9.0 forty but guaranteed afterwards I’ll need some ibuprofen, icy hot and I’ll likely have pulled a hamstring


I’m not sure which expired first: My eligibility or my hamstrings.


schedule is out


Quite possibly, if not probably, the toughest schedule in Utah Football history. It also comes complete with some big gaps in home games to allow for a nice fall vacation. Win/win!


Really like this schedule. I love this day - helps me see how to plan my fall trips to see if I can attend a few.

  • Florida over Labor Day weekend is nice to travel too. I hope they don’t move it to 8/31, but I think it’s now set?
  • I think the 1st half really sets up the 2nd half (as long as there aren’t too many injuries). @ Oregon St. is definitely going to be the most challenging (team and a roadie)
  • Bye seems a little early, but that’s ok
  • @ USC lines up well with the 2nd weekend of my kid’s spring break, so might do a roadtrip from CO, visit family, and go to maybe our last game at the Coliseum ever (or a very long time)
  • @ USC then home vs Oregon is a tough 2 weeks, but that was going to happen. ASU should be a good relief after (but that could be a trap, a little better that it’s at home)
  • 2 road games before ending at home vs CU is challenging, but glad @ UW comes first.
  • @ UA is the weekend before Thanksgiving and with my oldest sister just moving to Phoenix, probably will try to get down there to go to the game with my BIL (haven’t attended a game with him since UM and ND)
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Should have posted here. Whit says Cam should be back for season opener


Fantastic news! Thank you for the positive update.

I think there is some possibility that everyone’s favorite whipping boy- NIL- has something to do with our great QB transfer coming back for his senior campaign. Just sayin…

At any rate, Rising being back and ready to go obviously improves our outlook dramatically. Rising is going to go down as one of the all-time-great Utes.

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The one thing holding him back from being the best Ute QB of all time is that he is 0-2 in the Rose Bowl and got hurt both times. Hard to fault him for getting injured, but the losses certainly loom large.

Very true, but would Alex Smith been as durable with the PAC12 schedule? I’d like to say yes, but we we’ll never know.


Jordan Noyes transferring.


Ok, bye :wave:. Good luck.


I dont want to show off.


Since my donor card tells the doctors the organs I need. I will sit this one out.


I hadn’t seen this until this morning. Nicely done.