Returning for 2023

Just making a separate thread for who’s returning (or may return) in 2023

Right now the two big question marks are Rising and Kuithe and I was first sure they were gone but the injury status and NIL $$ makes me rethink that.

I suspect both make more from NIL by staying next year than by this draft. Both also have a better chance of showcasing their value next year if they can make it through healthy.

Vele seems to have potential in this draft and I have no clue if there is anything on the table that would make another year in college valuable to him.

Think I saw we only have 7 seniors starting? So a lot of talent can stay. But with what can transfer now I have no real idea who will stay or go regardless of class or stats because it doesn’t seem to have much to do with anything other than $$ now.

I guess the one thing that will keep the bulk of our team at the U year to year is Coach Whitt and it now seems we have a perpetual? Behind him staying or leaving each year now too. I don’t think there is anyone available who would be better…maybe we can get him some NIL money too?

If Cam returns, if it is in fact his ACL, does he really have enough time to fully recover. I have horrible flashback of RG-3’s remarkable comeback, till it wasn’t…
Whatever is best for him and thank you to all the players, coaches and staff foe a wonderful year.

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In the end I hope Cam can do whatever is best for HIM of course. But with him getting hurt every year I wonder if scouts will see him as just unlucky or if they will see him as fragile. He’s already fighting the NFL PROTOTYPE QB issue. Don’t want him on any field if he isn’t healthy and we have seen too much of that already.

He’s got till the 16th to decide right? If he’s not healthy by the combine what’s the real option? Or maybe he can just become a damn good coach😬. I could see that being something g he’d be good at too.

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I was just listening to 700 Sports on the way home. Thoughtful and excellent analysis with Josh Furlogh.
He was basically saying the standard time for ACL is 6 to 9 months minimum for that kind of activity which really kind of puts a crimp into being prepared for next season as well as replacement prep.
Greater minds than mine will be involved in decision for now I hope they get a good couple of weeks off and recharge their batteries


Just guessing, but I don’t believe Cam is a round 1 or 2 pick (which is where the money is). With his injury? He might not even be draftable.

He can come back and roll the dice again and cash another NIL check; but does it move him into a more draftable position? Who knows.

Kuithe was going to get a high draft position prior to his injury. Now? It is unlikely he would be drafted. He, like Cam, could roll the dice and cash another NIL check.


Cam was projecting likely UDFA, maybe R7 or R6. NIL would likely be more than UDFA/practice squad if he could get with the right team.

Kuithe likely was R3-5 before injury and projects less as a TE than a H-back or WR hybrid. He could be picked up R6/7 but won’t be able to show if he’s recovered in time so it’d be a risk that could push him into UDFA territory (but could likely catch on in the right situation).

I don’t know if Cam will be able to even play next season (or at least not the start) so maybe he could be a grad assistant. If he’s not back, I doubt Kuithe returns either. Sadly, what is best for Kuithe is probably transfer, get NIL, and show he can perform in another system/SEC as well (hey, could even replace Bowers at UGA or something) - might need to shift to WR focus.

I think Vele would be a UDFA. He’s a good guy and his path has been a good story. But I think he’ll not return, but we’ll see soon I guess.


Sound logic on all of them. I think Vele needs to prove more. He has skills, he has size, but he needs to show those skills consistently. Perhaps that had more to do with Cam not getting him the ball we could have seen more of the skills.

Just my $.02. Maybe I just missed Vele showing his stuff off.


I love Cam and what he has done for the Utes but something was “off” regarding his play all season, starting with the Florida game. I realize he played hurt much of this season, but he appeared to have peaked regarding his passing and seemed to be running too much. With his style of smash-mouth running, that is going to have a short lifespan. And we’ve seen that come true. While I once did, I no longer see him as NFL material. His passing just won’t cut it.

I hope things work out for him, whatever that is, and he makes decisions that are best for him. However, I want to see us move on to Nate Johnson and please Utah, if we are going to be among the top tier programs, no more small-HS walk-ons as backup quarterback.


Definitely weird how that worked out - Bentley backup to starter with Rising injury then Brewer ‘rental’ as an experienced P5 starter to let Rising heal more left us young and experienced, but Barnes did earn it and hit his ceiling as a backup game manager. He has heart, but agree - time to develop and use the 4* QB pipeline (Nate, Brandon, transfer portal) from now on. Some will work out, some won’t (e.g. Tuttle, Costelli)


I’m pretty sure it was Vele on the post game presser said something to the effect of - it doesn’t matter if you go the the Rose Bowl 100 times if you don’t win. We will just need to get back to work to win it.

Not returning is Micah Bermard. Transfer Portal

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Please no! Surprised and very disappointed. Didn’t see that coming and he’s been one of our great players in so many ways these last 2 years. What the heck happened??

I expected some transfer portal guys.

Bernard was certainly not one of them. Sucks.


He may have decided he wasn’t going to be a feature back here, so he’s looking for a “better” opportunity.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1610770408525148161|twgr^444a68e2b295f672100c132d0513bb601410673f|twcon^s1_&

Sounds like Thomas did some lasting damage. Very unfortunate.


In other tweets below that one, Diabate announced for the draft (expected).

For me, it’s hard to believe that Rising suffered a torn ACL in the Rose Bowl. Having torn my ACL playing soccer in college, there’s no way Rising could have been on his feet and walking semi-normally with that type of injury. There’s some speculation that the injury is an MCL tear which is a much less traumatic injury and can be healed in a much faster period of time.


Hope that’s true, whether he decides to return or not.


I actually thought he was a 1 for 1 guy anyways.


Ricky Parks out