Red Rocks headed to 45th straight NCAA Championships

The gymnasts won their regional with a season high score and will head to Texas in 2 weeks to vie for a national title.

That’s good news. I hope they get the NC, for first time in long time.

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The Red Rocks have made the Super Six 18 times since 1995 without winning a National Championship. The odds of that happening is (5/6)^18 = 3.7%

Maybe we should fire the whole gymnastics staff and start from the ground up.


Theresa Kulikowski era seems like a long time ago and even she post-dates the championship run.

Next year could be the most talented team ever.

Tom Farden is doing great things.

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If your basketball team had made the Final Four for 18 straight years, and not won a title, would you be upset?

It would be disappointing, but at the same time it’s a hell of an accomplishment.


Besides M Skinner coming back, what newcomers will be on the team?

If basketball’s results were determined by judges rather than a clock and score…and 18 appearances in a row had resulted in no championships? Yes, I’d be upset, the odds of that happening without bias from the judges is very low.

You must be fun at parties.


US Senior National Team members Kara Eaker and Grace McCallum, both hopefuls for the Olympic team.

They also added Junior Olympic bars champion Sage Thompson.

And of course they won’t lose athletes from this years team


Is Soloski coming back?

Are there caps on the number scholarships ? Do you have to force some people out who are never going to participate in an event? Like you do another sports?

How many appearances has Gonzaga had without a championship? Maybe tomorrow will be different, but what if they lose on a block/charge call or no call?


Yes she is.

The cap for gymnastics is 15, often in gymnastics someone who can’t make the lineup is because of injury. They usually take a medical retirement, which allows them to stay on scholarship. The U always covers those costs.


Then they lost because of the other 90% of the possessions that weren’t influenced by judgement calls.

I get what you’re saying, judgement calls exist in basketball. But not nearly to the extent as gymnastics.

I believe our Red Rocks have historically been better than what the judges have given them credit for.

Your calculation assumes the process is random. Sports are not random…

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Red Rocks streak of excellence has been more years than my existence, another remarkable streak of excellence.

Another remarkable streak.

There, fixed that.

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The judges in gymnastics carry their scores out to five significant figures. No way that determination doesn’t include random numbers, human judges are not that precise.

No they don’t. In college judges give scores that are either .00 or .50. The average of the scores in a normal meet goes out to three decimal points.