Red Rocks headed to 45th straight NCAA Championships

Score two sig figs, average, report to three…hmm. Seems like a bad logic but okay.

Most knowledgeable Red Rock fans I know think there has been some ani-Utah bias. I find it hard to believe a program could win 9 NCs in a row then none in 18 final six appearances without some truth to that.

That’s why there isn’t a 9.79.

You can give a 9.70 or a 9.75 or a 9.8.

Am I being trolled here?

You’re just clueless to the process.

Each judge gives a score, then they’re a averaged. The average of a 9.95 and a 9.9 is a 9.925.

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Math is hard.

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So if you’re measuring to cut a granite countertop and you get measurements of 9.7’, 9.6’, 9.9’ …you’re confident that length is 9.733’ , cut right there, that measurement is good to the thousandths place.

Math is still hard.

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Still fun at parties…



Just round it to 10. It’ll be fine.


You clearly don’t understand the meaning of the phrase “random process” if that is your real response.

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Great Meet. Within striking distance!

Vault killing us yet again.

Strong ending. 197.9875. Probabaly going to need 198.25 to win. OU scoring higher on floor than Mich on beam. Utah could slip into 2nd. Lock for podium with Florida’s terrible beam

Come on! We’re not supposed to allow the Big 1G in the PAC 12/SEC National Championship tournament.

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Utah leading halfway through the championships. Based on what I can gather from the announcers, we’re heading into our two weakest events though. Maybe someone who is familiar with Utah gymnastics could confirm or correct. Events can be watched on ESPN app.

They are #1 on beam, so great place to start, but points not there for vault and bars is ok, but really have to step up with OU being tops on bars. 3rd after 3 rotations and UF heading into their best event so likely looking at 3rd again.

OU and Florida simply rocked it. Any little bobble was going to let them get away and that’s what happened. Nothing to be ashamed about finishing behind those team. Also, ABC’s piece on Greg Marsden and how he built the Utes’ dynasty was really nice.

Congrats to the Red Rocks for doing Utah proud.