Quarter of the way and Lakers on Pace for 70 wins

Just sayin’. Nice win over Denver tonight. Next stop, UTAH!

I’ve loved and followed the Lakers since I was a kid. This disgusts most of my Utah friends.

So you’re a Bama fan and a Lakers fan? Do you cheer for the New York Yankees by chance?


Nope. I’m a kid born in Los Angeles and raised between Alabama and California. Mainly because Dad was a blue collar worker from Alabama who’s family a few generations helped start the university I naturally became an Alabama fan (although his Dad loved Auburn). All my Pro sports love is in Los Angeles (I did attend and sort of like the Angels as well). As a kid of the 1980s in Los Angeles it was Lakers, Dodgers and Raiders. I did somewhat love Dale Murphy and the Braves because of my Auburn loving grandpa and the summers I spent listening to them on his old truck radio.

So no, I’m not a front runner. If I was I wouldn’t be a fan of Alabama Basketball and Raider Football. I would have switched to UCLA. All my cousins are SC fans and my brother and I pulled for Bama.

I try to hit a few games a year in Los Angeles when I am there and/or Memphis, Atlanta and New Orleans. This year may not leave me as miserable as the last 8 or so years

I don’t think they’ll have another 10 game streak of sub .500 teams.

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Yes, because Denver is a push over team? Just get ready for #LakeShow all season long

Never said they were. But before getting beat by the Mavs, the Lakers had a 10 game streak against teams below .500. So, cool. Cool.

My sarcasm was lost in the title. I realize they probably will have the wheels fall off. Till then. LAaaaaaaaaaaKeeeeeeeeeers! LAaaaaaaaaaaKeeeeeeeeeers! LAaaaaaaaaaaKeeeeeeeeeers!

Lakers haters gonna hate.

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Can’t wait. 25 days till I am back in Staples.

Because screw the Lakers.


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I can’t wait to see what happens to this thread after the Jazz throttle the Lakers tonight. :grinning:

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Correction. On Pace now for 71.

True statement LAUte. My years here however have turned me from a Jazz hater to a casual fan of the team.

The Jazz are my second-favorite team.

The Jazz are terrible. I was so excited during the off season. Oh well.

I go to New Orleans enough they are my second team. They sell New Orleans Jazz shirts at the arena that are pretty cool

More fitting than “Utah” Jazz, that’s for sure.