Places to avoid on vacation

Mostly in L.A. and San Francisco.

Yeah but in the #1 area not to visit has one of the best bookstores.

It’s really a homeless issue.

Plus, Little Tokyo nearby isn’t bad in the day from my experiences.

Scariest place I’ve been to in the US is a trailer park in Woods Cross. Not that anyone would vacation in Woods Cross, but maybe if they were looking for a cheap place to stay near SLC and booked an AirBnB in that trailer park…scarier than a favela in Brazil.

I call B.S. either that or you have lived a sheltered life


“The Gersey” in North Las Vegas is beyond rough.

Bend, Oregon. Awful place, don’t visit. Like ever, even to pass through and buy gasoline.


Alta Toquima, Nevada - horrific place, dilapidated neighborhood that was abandoned several hundred years ago. Current residents can be belligerent - toward each other during some decadent autumn festival known as “the rut”. A complete absence of charity. No infrastructure, travel highly restricted by weather or by “remnants of glacial activity”. No lodging, no restaurants, nothing…

If you go to Alta Toquima, you’re on your own.


And stay far away from Spring City, Utah. No reason to be there. It’s already overcrowded with a population of 1,000.


I’ve heard it’s a place with a large retired engineer community. Someone told me that people have been run out of Bend for telling engineer jokes.

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I should have noted that I actually love L.A. after spending over half my life there and raising all our kids there.

You’ll hear this audio in Dodger Stadium after every game:


Not even Sun River? :cry:

“I love LA” is an iconic video. It’s basically the anthem for all the LA pro sports teams.

For all it’s problems, when you go to LA about this time of year, it’s easy to see how the golden state pulled so many people from all over the country, how it was the “California Trail”, certainly not the “Wyoming Trail”. Ski & surf on the same day, the high desert, the San Gabriels, Catalina & the channel islands. (Too many people, of course.)

My mom tells the story about how proud she was in her grade school class to be the only student who had a parent born in California. Orange County was all orange groves, etc. Lots of indigenous Mexicans and tons of Spanish named places.

My earliest memories in life are when I was about 4, living in Palos Verdes next to Redondo Beach, then we moved back to Utah in time for me to start Kindergarten.

Here’s an amusing beer commercial with Randy Newman in a cameo as a taxi driver, trying to hit the chorus on Biz Markie’s “You Got What I Need” with some young partiers riding along.

Heineken - “Let a Stranger Take You Home” - W+K Portland - YouTube

All stories are true. And some actually happened. :laughing:

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I grew up in OC in the '60’s and played for many hours in the orange groves with my 6 brothers. My parents were CA natives as well (Whittier and LaHabra). We try to make it back every couple of years. I still miss it.

Once a guy has gotten California into his system he can’t get it out.

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Sounds like herpes to me.


Wasatch Front chauvinist.

I still want to move to NoCal and find a gig teaching at a JUCO or small state school.

I am pretty much over living in Utah.


You may be the only person I know going from Utah TO California, everybody I know is getting OUT.

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California is an absolute paradise. When god destroys the world, it will be justified solely because of what we’ve done to that most perfect creation.