Pac-12 Tournament time! First Round vs UW today!

Utes vs UW at 5PM Mountain time in Las Vegas. Game is on PAC-12 network.

I’ll be optimistic and say the Utes next play USC tomorrow at 6:30PM mountain time on PAC-12 network.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!

We should win this one right?

Utes are a solid favorite. 7.5 points last time I looked.

The conference tournaments (the real ones) started yesterday, and it was fun to watch. P5 basketball will be on TV all day today, and I’ll be watching. The Utah game is the grand finale.

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We got this!

I hope they put together a solid performance with no lapses today.



Play 40 strong minutes. All we can ask

I wonder how a program like UW sinks so low. Just a few years ago they had the #1 pick in the draft and they sure look athletic so I don’t understand why they’re so bad. They must look at Gonzaga and wonder how the Zags are so good and they are so bad. Kind of like when they went 0-12 in football before they hired Sarkesian. How does that even happen for a place like UW?

Anyway, hopefully the Utes win this one going away.

Washington has given the Zags all they can handle a few times in recent years too.

UW has similar issues too Utah - very young teams with little college experience.

Hopkins is a great recruiter. When he became head coach, he inherited a good roster and went 15-3 in conference his second year 2019, but that roster had lots of Jr. and Sr. since then he’s nabbed a couple of one and done types.

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free stream?

Nice start by the good guys up 20-10

make that 26-10

The Utes had a great start but have trailed off a bit since. The 12 point half time lead worries me a bit.

Looks like we did it!!

Did what?

Too soon, but Ian just may have sealed it.

Won a post season game. I’m pleasantly surprised.

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I don’t have PAC12 Network. According to ESPN we are up 7 with 24 seconds left.

We’ve kept from icing it by missing FTs and bad D but still win by 3.

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