PAC-12, Big 10, and ACC uniting against SEC

The big thing everyone is forgetting is college football is regional. An exciting NFL matchup gets 15 million eyes. A college football conference championship gets 8 million.

IF the SEC isolates itself, they will lose eyeballs. No one will care about their national titles if Ohio State, Michigan, Penn St, ND, USC, Clemson, Florida State, Miami, etc are playing for a national title and Alabama isn’t.

The alliance holds the power IF they stick together.


I’m not so sure. I think the SEC embodies everything that’s seriously wrong with college football.


The irony is rich in this statement. I don’t know where to start.

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I LOL’d at this tweet from a dude in Big 1G country. The last 20 years the schools you mentioned have 6 titles between them. This is about recruiting.

What is “wrong” with it? You say this all the time. I never hear the reasons.

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Again, IF the SEC breaks off and is competing for their own national title, why would anyone in Ohio watch? Why would a Clemson fan watch Miss St and Alabama? Why would USC fan watch?

The SEC took the cash but what they are starting to see is the Big 10 holds the real power. They make the most money, they have the eyeballs, the drive the revenue.

You take the title of “most national titles” away from the SEC and they die quick.

And a southern kid, if the SEC starts to dry up, will quickly go to an ACC school or Ohio State.

The SEC may have gotten paid but if the alliance sticks together then they will get in line with everyone else.

Please do. I am cool of you want to join me in watching Ivy league games.

No one is suggesting this.

Interesting take.

That and NFL draft picks early.

Yes…and no. What if ESPN and their ■■■■■ SEC want a 12 team playoff with 6 SEC auto bids and the Alliance says, “nah, 4 teams, conference champs only”.

Then the SEC has a choice. Agree or walk. And they will agree.

They will get in line because their only choice will be to walk and that is a death sentence.

Only fans care about academics. Do you think that means academics are not important? I guess we should try to find out if ESPN cares about academics.

I am with you but consider this. Since, Saban arrived at Alabama the grad rate for the team has never been higher. Sure they aren’t the hardest degrees. Still, let’s not act like the average fan cares what these kid’s GPA actually is.

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Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever said that here. Maybe a couple of times, I don’t know.

Maybe you think there is nothing wrong with college football. Maybe you think higher education is all about sports, money, national titles, and being a farm league for the NFL. Maybe you think believing that academics, students’ welfare and success, and higher education generally should be overshadowed by football. If that’s what you think, then there is nothing wrong.

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Want to know my real opinion. Football should go away forever. It’s too violent and does too much damage. But I’m also a hypocrite.

Something tells me eventually this is going to result in something like what is seen in soccer…ok baseball is easier to describe.


I don’t know how one would set up a relegation scheme.

Maybe a 16-team playoff where all FBS conference champions get an automatic bid to the tourney, then the next best teams round out the tourney.

Work out the deal with the NFL to play the tournament games in their houses, and the NFL pays for it.

Ok, I got nothing.

This is true everywhere. Half of Stanford’s team majors in their version of communications: society and technology.

Gross. If there’s anything close to BYU in the Pac-12, it’s Stanford. Little private school that thinks it’s better than everyone else around.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in college football, but “ACC/Big10/Pac12” gang up and bully the SEC into submission is not on the list of realistic potential outcomes.

Sure, and it also embodies everything great about college football at the same time. We definitely want to be like them from a product on the field perspective. Also from a fan passion and tradition perspective. I think it’s okay to admit this.

Y’all are so caught up in rooting against the SEC that it warps your arguments. I root against them too, but it’s clear that they are a much stronger conference right now than anyone else. And I’m not convinced they are any dirtier than other schools when it comes to corruption. We’ve seen that stuff everywhere. They just happen to be centered in the cultural capital of the sport.

I just see this differently.

Okay, guess so. I do want us to be really good at football. If we could be as good as Alabama, I wouldn’t complain.

It’s wierd you want to be like Alabama in football, but, not aspire to be like Stanford in academic excellence. Something about warped judgment and so forth……