PAC-12, Big 10, and ACC uniting against SEC

Interesting. I like it.

It’s money vs maintaining “college” athletes. IF the Big 10/ACC/PAC-12 stick together, they will win and the SEC will toe the line. IF they stick together. They are the more powerful group right now.


Wow, that’s kinda big news, like huge news. Out of Conference scheduling will be interesting going forward…

Also, the SEC just placed itself in a potentially awkward position. College football is very cyclical and if the Super Friends begin to dominate (the numbers are in our favor), it could hurt the SEC membership as a whole for quite a while. Can’t wait to see what happens when the next shoe drops.

Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom…


I just want to see Paul Finebaums crypt keeper head explode


14 of the last 20 National Champions now reside in SEC football. Not sure how cyclical the sport is. Also, the recruiting isn’t like it was in the pre 2000s. They (the remaining three) are going to have to do something special. Like force a “Conference Champs only rule” on the playoff.

Well, we’ll see. Since you seem to think that national championships are now the birthright of the SEC, what do you suggest that the other 3 do? This is a logical step that they are making. They can’t all join the SEC.


I love this tweet.

The unassailable fact is that what’s good for the SEC is not necessarily good for college football, the United States, humanity, the solar system, or the universe.


Thank you, I couldn’t decide what it was that Finebaum reminded me of. At least the Crypt Keeper was funny, Finebaum-- eh, not so much.

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No. I think the SEC has figured out how to be competitive with each other. Remember, I hate the expansion. I think the issue is that teams aren’t being innovative and figuring out to win as rules change. Geographically areas like the Pac 12 should be dominating.

What does that even mean?

Recruiting. Look at the states in your footprint. Then look at the B1G. You’re setup to dominate. Keep the kids in that footprint home and you win a title. No reason a kid like Najee Harris or Tua go to Alabama if the conference universities are doing their job.


By that rationale we should never have gotten Huntley or Moss. I guess the SEC wasn’t doing it’s job.


Lol. Are you comparing a 3* to Tua a 5*? I am saying your elite athletes. Najee, a 5* RB was in the shadow of Cal and Stanford and could qualify academically. Come on. Sometime you have to take blame for the schools not doing their job instead of looking for new rules to thwart those that are outrecruiting and producing NFL talent.

I believe in Utah and the Pac 12 power more than you do. You just want a rule to be created to spread the wealth and blame it on myths about scheduling.

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Lol. So Huntley and Moss weren’t elite? Okay…

And what “new rules” are we actually proposing that will thwart the SEC recruiting? An agreement between conferences to play each other isn’t exactly a new rule.

I proposed a reduction in scholarships yesterday. I assume that’s what he’s referring to.

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No. 3* players aren’t classified “elite.” He was the 83rd best player in Florida.

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Sure, he ended up elite, but he was a 3*. You are right, the Pac-12 needs to keep our own. It kills me that the best Polynesian players are now going to the SEC. Thats just wrong.


Bingo. LSU and Alabama are basically targeting them from here on out. Mario Cristobal being at Oregon helps the Pac 12. Clay Helton has been at SC for over a decade now in some capacity. There has to be a change there. They remind me of Bama Pre-Saban. Stuck with living in the past.

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USC made three consecutive hires in which they forgot they were freaking USC. Took flyers on up and comers and then made the classic mistake of hiring the interim guy. They are USC, they should be landing sure thing, big name guys from other schools.

It has benefited Utah but also hurt the Pac-12.