PAC-12, Big 10, and ACC uniting against SEC

So, you are against UT and Oklahoma joining the SEC? Were you against aTm and Mizzou joining?

Yes and Yes. Mizzou and Texas bring nothing. I don’t mind TAMU and OU. That said, I’d rather lose all four than gain all four.

Actually, the elite Utah guys are still going to the PAC12, just not the U. Gustin and Sewell come to mind

In 2020 Whitt kept all but 1 of your 4* and higher. I think Whitt and Cristobal are the best coaches in conference.

We’ve lost a lost of big recruits to the SEC in recent years.

This is why we have this Utah fan board: so dyed in the wool Alabama fans can come here and lecture us about how our conference should do things the SEC way.

Anyway, the subject of this thread is what the PAC-12, Big Ten, and ACC are doing, which I truly love.


I was talking about Utah high school players. What Utah high school players went to the SEC. I remember a QB from Cottonwood several years ago, but I can’t remember any others.

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I rag on BYU, on politicians, and on people who like cafe rio because we do not want to emulate any of that. But we actually do want to emulate the SEC. They are the model the Pac-12 aspires to. It’s fun to hate them because they are better at football, and it’s fun to root against them and to laugh when they fail, but they have what we want.


The PAC has a combination of over 130 Nobel Laureates and over 40 Pulitzer Prize winners. I am sure the Big Ten and ACC are comparable. It’s a nice combination of similar conferences.

I mean, the topic shifted to SEC and I shifted back to what the Pac 12 would do but go on.

Back on topic. What are they actually going to do that will cause a competitive advantage. I haven’t read one thing that sounds like an advantage.

Sorry, I was talking about players from the Pac-12 footprint and not justvUtah players. I misunderstood what you were talking about.


Well, maybe alter time zones so that they’re not playing games at midnight Eastern time, where the ESPN folks watch TV. Maybe they can all change their nature as academically elite institutions and focus on becoming universities of which their football teams can be proud. They need a lot of alumni who are good old boys and have lots of money. That will take time, however.


I think we are just trying to keep up right now. A scheduling alliance could help with media negotiations.

The tweet I posted is big- there needs to be another network involved in the playoff. If it’s only ESPN, and if SEC is only ESPN, there’s too much room for corruption and monopoly.

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Ok, you know I am an LA Pro team fan. If they are able to fix that issue then they deserve a Nobel Peace prize. Lakers have me up till1am sometime. Problem is you’re asking them to give up night games.

Also, you keep bringing up academics. I applaud that but I have never heard anyone mention that but fans. Why not make an allignment with the IVY and get some Eastern time games?

AGREED. I hate ESPN and NEVER watch the SEC Network. That said, if the only option is Fox we’re screwed. They just create a Fox vs MSNBC dynamic in sports terms. In media landscape it’s gotta be someone who can combat Disney’s money.

This is great. I love academics and am happy that my alma mater is a great school. But we are talking about a football conference. The end goal of a football conference is to be good at football. We should try to learn from the SEC’s success (and combat it!), even if I suspect that success is mostly geographical/cultural and can’t really be replicated in the west.

Also, it’s silly to keep ragging on SEC universities. There are plenty of great things going on at those schools too. We are closer in spirit and mission academically to Tennessee and Florida than to Stanford. Don’t we all hate Stanford for their elitist snobbery? We don’t want to be like that.

Well, Fox would be the leading candidate. Maybe NBC gets involved, or maybe Amazon or some other streaming service tries to break up Big Disney’s hold on college football. We’ll see.

I know you’re trolling. Not taking the bait my friend. :grin::peace_symbol: :grin:

Actually, Stanford is one of the schools that I don’t hate. Them and Cal

Seeing possible merger talks with those three conferences. Probably not keeping all the institutions if that happens.