Pac-12 back on life support

Not sure there are many, if any, “good guys” in CFB or in college institutions. When $$$ is at the epicenter, all bets are off.

Yes, I’m doom and gloom on humanity. Haha


USC & UCLA weakened the conference. Oregon and Washington ended the conference. FOX Sports was the catalyst.


I guess if they consider metro markets really important, they could add SDSU and SJSU for So Cal and Bay area, and CSU for Denver. UNLV might also make sense, along with another Cali school or two.

For a conference to exist, the NCAA requires “at least seven active Division I members,” all of which must sponsor men’s and women’s basketball, and for the conference to sponsor at least 12 Division I sports, among other requirements.

In the case of departures, NCAA bylaws allow a conference a two-year grace period in which it can exist without the minimum number of schools. The Pac-12’s grace period starts in the 2024-25 academic year.

It will be interesting to see how the PAC 2 plays this. They’ve got a pile of cash, which never hurts.

If the B1G expands a more & takes from the B12, do they try to catch a ride in the B12? With an expanded CFP, do they build up a new PAC? After a year or two of silly stupid travel, does Cal and Stanford reconsider?

Nobody envies their position, but in a year or two things may not look quite as bleak.

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In an imaginary world…

PAC2 teams up with Apple/Youtube (google) to offer a streaming package of between 50-100mil/yr to the “current” PAC12 teams to stay. Keep the conference alive and put a stop to the insane conference realignment.

Pipe dream I know, but wouldn’t it be nice?


Travel-wise, Cal and Stanford are in a horrible situation with all the other teams 3 time zones away. May very well head back to a revamped PAC, especially if the ACC starts getting picked apart by BIG10 and SEC.


Pac-12 football to play home games on CW, Fox in '24 article

The CW and Fox Sports will combine to televise the 2024 home football games for the remaining two Pac-12 teams, Oregon State and Washington State, the conference announced Tuesday.

“Adding the Pac-12 Conference to The CW’s growing roster of live sports gives the network coast-to-coast coverage in key markets and solidifies our position as a national player in college sports,” The CW president Dennis Miller said in a statement. “The CW will truly be a destination for all sports fans this fall with impressive weekend lineups consisting of Pac-12 football, ACC football, LIV Golf and NASCAR Xfinity Series playoff races.”


I also read somewhere that the Pac-12 Enterprises are going to produce the games for the CW. Interesting since the PAC-12 Network is going away at midnight on June 30th.

Do you think the people at the network will say goodbye to all of us as the midnight hour approaches? And, will the cable channel just go dark at that point? And, what will happen to Nigel Burton?

PAC12 network failed in spectacular fashion to be accessible to many potential viewers but for those of us on Dish, it was a good network.

I’ll miss the Sunday morning PAC12 after dark show which in the fall provided a great wrap up of the conference games played that weekend. Big12 (on ESPN+) really doesn’t seem to have anything like that.

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Remember, we don’t know what President Randall knew when he was talking about a $50 million share for conference members. We don’t know the context either. The man is no fool.


I’ve often heard quotes like this but never understood why, or what that really means.

I know they didn’t do a deal with DirecTV, which was an issue very early on… then of course DTV all but died anyway, hemorrhaging millions of subscribers at every turn and eventually getting offloaded for pennies on the dollar as it continued its decline.

Pac-12 was always on Comcast and all the other major cable providers, no? And on the main streaming platforms as well? What am I missing? Not disputing anything, nor have I ever reviewed data on it. Just wondering what I am missing.

All of that said, I will really miss having a conf network next season. Of all the backwards steps we’re taking, this will be one of the most noticeable and painful. Not so much for football game broadcasts (at least the bigger games), but for virtually everything else and every other media aspect.

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I totally agree. It also provided easy access to sports other than football and men’s basketball. I think this of us who had the PAC12 network will find that the BigXII has no media outlet replaying games, condensing replays to 60 minutes and taking a deeper look at the athletes.

I believe the problem was that DirecTV had a majority of the market for sports viewers. They had NFL Ticket so a lot of people and businesses gravitated to DirecTV. And then they played hardball with the PAC (and vice-versa) because “we’re the leader in sports TV”. It made it so a lot of folks didn’t have the network. There was plenty of blame to go around, but DirecTV’s arrogance had a lot to do with it.

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Yep, and every power conference (except B12 of course) has a network.

What it will mean is same model as G5’s: poor quality broadcast (or streaming only) for non-marquee football matchups, streaming-only (and very poor quality) for many non-marquee B-ball games, and zero coverage - not even streaming - for many of the other sports events.

Plus of course no analysis shows etc. Also without a network, the U will not have the production resources for their own school’s brand content that they get today from P12 network. Will now have to get it elsewhere and/or cut way back.

can’t wait for the ESPN+ broadcast of Big XII football where they use the best audio and visual high school staff and equipment.

Come late August I’ll watch the Zapruder film over and over so my eyes can start to adjust.


Yes. We enjoy watching the other sports on th P12N. We even watched other P22 teams sometimes for the easy access


Count me as another who was impressed by the PAC-12 network.

Beside the high quality product over the years, I was really impressed by the professionalism of people who did a great job knowing it was all coming to an end.

It would have been somewhat understandable if things got sloppy, but that never happened. I hope they all land on their feet.


It was only available in the footprint, and often only the main channel plus that teams regional channel.

It really wasn’t available

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