Pac-12 back on life support

Oregon State may soon have an answer as to where it is headed in conference alignment.

Athletic director Scott told The Oregonian/OregonLive on Wednesday that Oregon State is committed to rebuilding the Pac-12, starting with the remaining four schools of Washington State, Stanford, California and OSU.

Too much, too little and waaaaay too late


I’m excited to see who they add.
My favorite line in the article: “We haven’t been sitting on our hands as it relates to thinking about our next move,” Barnes said.


I am excited for a reconstituted Pac-12.


Fully support this lawsuit. I don’t see anything in that article that I’d even have a minor quibble with.


Burn it down. All of it.

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The lawsuit is justified. That said, I hope we beat “Yoko Oregon” this weekend for their part in breaking up the band.

Call it a parting gift.


Yoko Oregon, I love it.

As Oregon State had motivation to punish the Utes for abandoning them, hopefully, among other things, there will be a little bit of similar mindset in play for Utah Saturday.


I don’t feel sorry for Oregon State or Washington State. What killed the Pac 12 was equal revenue sharing. OSU and WSU should have been the first to want to chip in to keep USC. No reason they were entitled to the same cut.

Anyway, I can’t believe that even if there are only two Pac 12 board members left there isn’t some equitable doctrine that prevents the rabble that remains from plundering the Pac 12’s assets. None of us should want that.

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These are state universities with functioning D-I programs, not scoundrels or rogue entities. They should have the opportunity to rebuild the conference. I want that.


That’s not what this dispute is about.

OSU and WSU now, pending appeal, control all of the assets of the PAC-12. This could be a financial kick in the groin for all of us deserters. What a screwed up mess top level college football has become.


Wouldn’t it be interesting if OSU and WSU decided that they are the participants in the PAC12 championship game. Don’t know if that’s possible, but it’s interesting.


If they do get to Black Swan everyone else, that’s enough money to keep up their ledgers and make both schools’ athletic departments flush for over a decade.



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Yep. Not sure if anyone has noticed, but we aren’t among the ‘good guys’ in this situation.


Maybe the Beavers and Cougars can keep the league alive by grabbing some/all of the MWC (whose teams seemingly need to wait until end of 2023-24 when TV contract ends to avoid a massive buyout).

But would be looking at a PAC without teams in LA, Bay Area, Seattle, Phoenix, Tucson, and instead with members from Boise, Laramie, Logan, Fort Collins, etc.)

I think one way or another, the last 2 PAC teams will be with many of the MWC teams whether those 2 join the MWC or some of the MWC teams come over to the PAC.

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We aren’t entirely the bad guys either. I leave the primary villainy to U$C and fUCLA.

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I’ve seen some talk of PAC-MWC with relegation/promotion. That’d be fun. But probably untenable for fluctuating finances.

I guess who would be Pacific? OSU close enough. SDSU? SJSU? Fresno a little far from the coast.

Exactly. If Southern Cal hadn’t jumped and dragged UCLA along with them, Utah and the rest of the PAC would still be in the PAC. We had to look out for ourselves. We aren’t the good guys, but we aren’t necessarily the bad guys either.