PAC-12 Awards

COY - Whittingham
DPOY - Devin Lloyd Lloyd
FDOPY - Junior Tafuna
OPOY - Drake London
FOPOY - Jayden de Laura

What are the bonuses Whittingham gets for making it to the NY6, winning the PAC-12, and being the coach of the year? If I remember correctly they are pretty significant.


It’s funny to go back and look at some of the pre-season all-conference predictions, compared to how it actually ended up.


Would love to see Kyle donate any bonuses to the TJ/AL scholarship funds

:grimacing: Redding First Team Pac-12 kicker…


The all-conference teams are out as well:
Utes on 1st team:
O: Rising, Thomas, Ford
D: Tafua, Lloyd
ST: Covey

2nd Team:
O: Kuithe, Daniels, Bam
D: CP3

Honorable Mention:
S Cole Bishop, Fr.; DB Vonte Davis, Sr.; TE Dalton Kincaid, Sr.; OL Sataoa Laumea, R-Fr.; LB Nephi Sewell, Jr.


I hope Kincaid comes back next year - he could do something special and make a lotta money in the NFL as a result. Kuithe was amazing but I think that Kincaid can match him.


All very well deserved.

But let this particular one sink in: Cam Rising, 1st team All-PAC.

If that doesn’t represent our season, I don’t know what does.


Here before yBu fan boys talk about their “independence awards”

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I thought it was .5 mill for South title
A million or so for Pac-12 title
Significantly more for major bowls or CFP. But that’s off memory

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Are the videos for each award not working for anyone else? It plays about 10 seconds then jumps back to the start for me.

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Looks like he’ll get $400k (NY6) + $100k (PAC12 South Champs) + $100k (final Top 25) + $55k (PAC12 COY) + maybe some for APR & GSR? + can get another $100k with a NY6 win. So last weekend basically gave him an extra $655k. Good weekend in Vegas! :slight_smile:

  • Bowl games: $400,000 if Utah appears in a New Year’s Six bowl or playoff game, or two month’s base salary (about $216,000) if his team makes any other bowl.
  • Win NY6 game: $100,000 if Utah wins one of the New Year’s Six games.
  • Pac-12 South champs: $100,000 if Utah is the Pac-12 South champ and appears in the Pac-12 Championship game, or $50,000 if Pac-12 South champ and does not appear in the championship game.
  • Top 25 ranking: $100,000 if Utah is included in the final Top 25 poll in any of the Associated Press Top 25, College Football Playoff rankings or the USA Today Coaches Poll, or $15,000 if Utah appears in any of the previously-mentioned polls throughout the season.
  • National Coach of the Year: $150,000 if Whittingham is named the National Coach of the Year.
  • Pac-12 Coach of the Year: $55,000 if Whittingham is named the Pac-12 Coach of the Year, or Pac-12 Co-Coach of the Year.
  • Football budget: $25,000 if the football program stays within its budget for the year. Whittingham will get an additional $5,000 for every $50,000 under budget.
  • APR: Whittingham will receive one of the following based on his team’s NCAA Academic Progress Rate: $75,000 if the team’s APR is at least 980, $50,000 if at least 970, $25,000 if at least 960, and $10,000 if at least 950.
  • GSR: Whittingham will receive one of the following based on his team’s NCAA Graduation Success Rate: $75,000 if the team’s GSR is at least 80 percent, $50,000 if at least 70 percent, $25,000 if at least 60 percent, and $10,000 if at least 50 percent.

I think this is a good list and don’t really have too many complaints. I think credit was given. I actually am surprised to see so few Oregon on 1st and 2nd team offense (Brown, Dye) but also don’t see who they would bump down.

3 All-Conference OL (+1 honorable mention)?! They’ve come a long way since early season. Award goes to Harding. And why Tavion is 1st team. A little surprised Pledger didn’t get honorable mention.


Thibodeaux loses to Lloyd for the third time this season.


Well, my predictions weren’t very good:

4th if you include PAC12 CCG MVP (Kayvon won it last year against USC when Oregon, the #2 North team subbed for U-dub and beat the 5-0 toejams).