P5 Grind for the Zoobs

I normally avoid doing this, but I was bored today so I wandered over to Zoob board to see what they were talking about. This gem was highlighted as one of the top posts:

What I love about this year is that Utes have absolutely zero ammo.

BYU not only beat them soundly, but has dominated the “rigorous week after week battery of PAC-12 play” they’re always waxing reverently about. On the eve of what could be a first-ever Pac-12 title for them (with a three loss record), they have nothing on us. Even the P5 exclusive status that they’ve vaunted these last few years is about to be taken away as we enter the Big 12.

The best they seem to be able to come up with is the tired “if we had Cam Rising we would have won” line.

I’m loving it.

While the reconstituted B12 won’t be nearly as daunting as it once was, I think they’re going to be in for a rude awakening (as we were) when they enter a P5 conference. Their last three weeks have been Idaho State, BYE, and Georgia Southern. That’s the equivalent of two scrimmage games on either side of a bye week.

I can guarantee that every single B12 team is miles better than either Idaho State or Georgia Southern.Even the worst team in the “lowly” P12 is exponentially better than both of those. In an actual conference, there’s no such thing as the 3-week mid-season bye they just had, and I think they’re likely to find that out the hard way.

It’s also hilarious to me that they go on and on about how terrible the P12 is this year, yet hold up their mythical “Pac12 Title” as some sort of crowning achievement. Are all the P12 teams wildly overrated so beating them (as Utah has done) is no big deal? Or is BYU fully deserving of their high ranking because they beat so many P12 teams? Which is it?

Make up your mind, ya doofuses.

They have so little to brag on, especially over Utah.
Things I think are overrated:

The “PAC12 sucks” narrative. Just because Utah is the best team doesn’t mean the PAC12 has no good teams.

The Zoo’s win over the Utes to basically start the year. I’m not going to make any excuses. Utes lost. Get over it zoobs. You’re 1-9 over the past 10. Stuff happens.

BigXII invitation. Congrats! You zoobs made it to the bigs over the likes of Marshall and Old Dominion. Okie St and Iowa St may pull in some numbers, but without the 2 big markets that money train will run out of steam.

I don’t care about them. We’re in position to go to the Rose Bowl, while they’ve solidified their spot in the WTF Bowl. That’s what their win over Utah is worth.

(Psst…btw…you didn’t win the PAC12 South because you’re not IN the PAC12 South, and you NEVER will be.)


It’s hilarious that they are so bad at math that they think 5 = 9. And they haven’t even won the 5th PAC-12 game yet. The grind is 9 games in a row not a couple then a cupcake break.


I bring that up every time one of them brags about beating PAC-12 teams. I usually ask, “So your measure of success is how well you do against PAC-12 teams?” That usually shuts them up.


Yeah, I’ll take 8 PAC12 wins (even with a loss) over 4 or even 5 wins with no loss. We had to play a half season last year. They played a half Pac12 season this year.


With the PAC-12 title game in 10 days, not really caring about BYU right now. They deservedly beat us fair and square in September and we’ve moved on from our early season struggles and Utah has been steadily improving in all parts of the game as the year has progressed. (I’m not really caring about SDSU either other than I’ll support USU if they make it to the MWC title game against the Aztecs)

Once they are in the Big-12 in a few years (where they’ll now have a conference title to strive for), even with Texas and Oklahoma gone, they’ll have the most demanding schedules they have ever had with 8-9 games against other physical athletic conference foes which will be different than having half the schedule against non-P5 teams.


Just remember CougarBoard weirdos - the Big 12 had to lose:

  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Texas A&M
  • Nebraska
  • Colorado
  • Missouri

Before they would even consider looking at you… and that was just to survive. That’s the football equivalent of a paid green card marriage so someone doesn’t get deported.

That’s the equivalent of asking the cutest girl in school to prom and when she says no, you ask the smartest girl, then the fun girl who hangs out in your group of friends, then the neighbor girl you think of as a sister, then the girl who sits next to you in math that you never talk to, then the weirdest girl in the school… and then going to prom with your mom.


Yeah, I was ticked after the BYU loss. I wanted that streak to reach a record 10 games. And I had to hear all the Y fans around me crowing. But at this point, I don’t care at all about that loss. BYU deserved it; they played well and beat Utah fair and square. But it was hardly “a whooping” by any stretch. Still, I think the loss, coupled with the follow-up loss to SDSU the next week, springboards Utah to regroup and refocus. I’ll trade a first-ever win in the Coliseum (even though USC has turned out to be a mess) and a blowout win at home over No. 3 Oregon for a loss to BYU anytime.

And yes, I think BYU fans are in for a rough ride in the Big XII. Of course, losing Oklahoma help.


I would disagree. To their credit, that game was a legit arse-kicking.

I do think it would be a vastly different result today, but that’s neither here nor there. They beat us when it mattered.


Someone needs to test the water in Provo for psychoactive drugs. They are having a good season, but it is only one season.

Every other season with maybe 3 P5 games end with losses to those schools.

Their transition to the B12 is going to be hard…very hard.

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It’s too bad we don’t have the old Archive feature any more.


Debatable (although you have a good argument). We played poorly and were still in a position to win, although it would have been an ugly win. We did not deserve to win. But our arses were relatively untouched.


26-17 is not an ■■■ kicking. Solid win yes but Utah had plenty of chances and fell short.


It was 23-17 halfway through the fourth. Had Utah stopped BYU on the drive after Utah’s TD, there’s a legit chance Utah could’ve scored and grabbed a 24-23 with a couple of minutes left.


Dear Santa,
I’ve been really good this year. Please give USC some of that reindeer dust so they play inspired football and dismantle BYU on national TV dropping them out of the playoff conversations.
Thank you.
P.S. Say hi to Mrs. Claus


I’m going off my gut reaction of how it felt at the time, but haven’t revisited it at all since the game ended. You guys are probably correct that it was a little closer than I’m remembering.

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Don’t get me wrong, they beat us fair and square. But the stats do not look like a rout:

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Well, yards. But 2-9 on 3rd vs 11-19 and turnover margin of -2 and that there was the game.


I’ve been a Ute fan since the 1950s. I lived through the Lavelle era and got to really dislike those TDS guys.
Since we were invited to the PAC I have slowly become MEH about the Y. To my surprise the loss to them this year didn’t bother me any more than any loss does. Far less than a conference loss does.
I guess I have moved on from caring about BYU except when we play them.
I congratulate them for their invite and wish them well, but what they do has no direct affect on my fandom.


Yeah. Losing to OSU bugs me more than losing to them.