P5 Grind for the Zoobs

Yes! That’s what I mean by flat-out outplaying us, which is what they did. I was disappointed not to get the 10th straight win, but we didn’t deserve it.

When the fans are obsessed with all things Utah and P12, but should be reveling in the glory of getting into the B12, you know they still are the little brother with a booger bubble that goes in and out as they breathe.


Indeed BYU made the important plays and avoided turnovers which have plagued them against Utah for a long time. And when we got within 6, they drove steadily down the field to ice the game.

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i traveled to Corvallis and jinxed them. I was much more bothered with that loss than BYU if it is 9-1 with them for a while that is fine with me


Lol. For years we’ve been hearing from them the tired “if we played in November when we’re supposed to”. Hypocrisy much?


I feel similarly. I’m more bothered by the loss to OSU than BYU. OSU just seemed to manhandle our team. Whereas the BYU game, up until the last 5 min or so, we could have won if the ball bounced differently, so to speak.

But hey, let them, those Cougars from Provo, have their cake today. They may regret the Big XII invite if they have a 10 year period like TCU.


Could we create an archive thread with pics of the elite posts?

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The cries of “The PAC12 Sucks!” are just this year’s version of the “over-rated - clap, clap - clap, clap, clap” cheer.

Nothing says “you suck” like saying “you must be really really bad if even my team beat you.”

Yeah - there are some morons on CB. But they are my morons, so I guess I have to claim them. Even when they’re being morons.

I agree with everything being said about BYU going to struggle to find it’s footing in the B12, and about the rivalry game meaning a little bit less for Utah fans, who are focused on conference games and potential division and conference championships.

Honestly - I do miss the old WAC and MWC days of playing the rivalry at the end of the season with something on the line - as one or the other of BYU/Utah were often playing for conference championship positioning. But I don’t miss the WAC/MWC enough to wish we were going backward instead of forward into the PAC12 and Big12, for each of our teams respectively.


I used to scoff at the grind of the P5, but it is real - and honestly this is BYU’s most P5 like schedule they’ve ever had and you guys have been decimated on the defensive side of things.

And this is the grind - there are plenty of G5 schools whose first string matches up well with a lot of good and great P5 schools. The issue is when you are playing like competition and you start losing that first string to injury - how big of a drop-off is your second string. Mostly it is just depth.

Utah has had it share of injuries and starts a LOT of freshman, and yet here we are ranked and beating the #3 ranked team in the nation. And here is the truth - I didn’t go into the Oregon expecting us to win (despite what my awesome 99-2 score pick seemed to indicate) but unlike years past I didn’t go into it thinking it would take unbelievable play combined with their horrible play and some minor miracles to win. I honestly felt if we played a solid game we could easily compete with them. That’s fairly new for me at least. When we first were facing these teams I’d think, “There is no way we’re beating them without divine intervention.”

It’s taken a lot of years to get to this point, where losing your center doesn’t mean the end of the world. And even that is lucky.

It’ll take BYU some time to get there where the 2nd string steps somewhat easily into the 1st string’s shoes.

Also, I think we all agree that the PAC-12 is off this year, and the past few when it comes to elite teams. But despite what your morons think, the PAC-12 doesn’t suck, they just aren’t dominant and there is a lot of parity right now in the conference - due in large part the athletes on each team. A good test of this is to ask an honest question about BYU. How would BYU fare with 9 PAC-12 games this year, plus another P5 non-conference game? If they’ve got 2 losses right now without that sort of schedule and 7 P5 games played… I’d bet you guys would have three losses at this point too. Maybe not.

One last fascinating thing. Many BYU fans are pretending like Utah is having an awful year or that BYU’s season somehow eclipses ours. Yet we’ve won the PAC-12 South, have a legit shot at PAC-12 champs, Rose Bowl, etc. Even if that doesn’t happen, worst bowl is probably Holiday? And that is all coming out of a weird Covid season and having the tragic death of two teammates on separate occasions. This might change if we get destroyed in the CCG or our bowl game, but right now this might be one of my top 3 seasons ever as a fan, and I’ve never been more proud of a team.


Sure, I sadly have to own my fan-morons too. But to read the nonsense about BYU winning the P12 South. Geeze. I sincerely hope the introduction to the grind of week after week of brutal games awakens your fellow fans.

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They should also claim they were last in the Big12 because they went winless in all their games against future conference foes.


My overall take on bY?u fans and CB in particular is a group who desperately want to be the respected cool kid. They flaunt their wealth (real or not), faux sophistication, and better than you morality.

They are not perceived as the cool kid outside of the bubble - just the opposite. The peculiar strange kid, saying and doing things that are a bit “off” and EXTREMELY self conscious of said peculiarity.

They mask their worldly insecurity with this over the top daily confirmation in their own private eco chamber. Little 12 us going to eat the alive… can’t wait.


This is weird - like really weird.

BYU has had a pretty great year for football. Particularly if you include the Big12 invite as part of the year. And while beating Utah was pretty great too - Utah has gone on to have a pretty great year yourselves.

This is what, 3 years in a row of south division champs? I’m not really keeping track. Chance to go to the Rose Bowl on the line this Friday night? Easy to say that both teams have had great years - in spite of some of the heartache that Utah has experienced with the loss of a couple of players. I think both fanbases are pretty happy with where they sit right now.

In fact - I’d even say that USU is quietly having a pretty great year - also in the championship game and looking for a conference banner this weekend.

BYU has had a great season - hats off to them. I’ve been puzzled by the CougarBoard jokes about our season this year, because it has far exceeded my expectations for all the reasons you mention. Even without the terrible loss of TJ and AL I didn’t expect us to be this good this year - I figured 2 or 3 in the south division.


Seems like both teams had a QB and RB emerge (some more expected than others - Rising/Thomas; Hall/Allgeier) that led to team success with the schedules that the ADs put together. It’s probable that all three Utah FBS teams will get to 10 wins (Utah and Utah St. have 2 more games and are 9-3, BYU bowl game and are 10-2) and all could get to 11 (each team would need to win out)!

Besides head-to-heads which BYU won this year, we all beat or lost to common opponents: all three beat Wash St.; BYU and Utah beat UA, ASU, USC; Boise St. beat BYU and Utah St.; possible that USU loses to SDSU (whom we lost to).

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That is a kinda crazy. The state of Utah is having a great football year for all their teams.



Yeah, I have too many of my BYU friends saying this to me as if they believe it. I always say, “You guys have had a great season, congrats!” I’d love for them to get matched up with Oregon.


I’d rather have them lose to a 12-1 Meep Meeps.


BYU is the Rosie Ruiz of college football…run only part of the marathon and try to declare themselves champions. These are a special breed of zoobs we can now refer to as “Rosies”.

For you whippersnappers that are too young to know about Rosie, here’s a little background: