Ok I have tried Popeye's chicken several times now and I just tried the chicken sandwich everyone is raving about

The sandwich was chewy. In fact every time I have tried Popeye’s it has been chewy. I must have gone to a bad location or maybe that it how it is supposed to be? Or maybe I am just missing something. No plans to go back anytime soon.

Not sure. Town I’m in here in Ea. NC is getting its 1st Popeye’s. I haven’t been to one in years, so it’s possible that things aren’t as good as they were. When we lived in Austin Popeye’s was quite good, far superior to KFC. The big regional chain here is Bojangles. Their chicken is good, biscuits and other sides are so so.

That is a spectacularly low bar.


Yes, kfc is an extremely low bar to beat and not hard to do.

KFC’s quality seems to have waned compared to 20 years ago. I went there a few months ago and vowed never to go back. Complete garbage. Popeyes has never impressed me. Chick Fil-A is king!

I try to avoid Chik Fil A although I understand that this year they are changing the focus of what charities they contribute to.


I’ve heard that too. I really don’t care though, I just like their chicken.

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I agree about KFC. We had it a lot when I was a kid. My grandma liked to send us down the street to pick up a bucket when we would visit. The quality really declined after PepsiCo bought them out. Mind you I had better KFC last summer in Canada than I have had in a long time. My son likes it on occasion so we have it every now and then. Pretty Bird is much better though.

Pretty Bird has been pretty inconsistent for me. The first time I had it I loved it. What is up with those fries that they serve?!

Eating real Nashville hot chicken is on my bucket list.


Must have been the location you chose. I can honestly say that it’s the best chicken sandwich out of all of the fast food places I’ve been.

For me it basically comes down to one thing for the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich. The chicken is a normal piece of chicken. That’s it. It looks and tastes like they took a chicken breast that would normally go into a meal and placed it between two pieces of bread. That means it’s light, crispy, flavorful Popeye’s chicken that happens to be in a sandwich.

For comparison, Chick-fil-A’s chicken sandwiches are always small, squished, and not very flavorful whenever I get them. But I’m also not fond of Chick-fil-A’s chicken in the first place, so if you like Popeye’s (to me it’s pretty damn good for fast food chicken) you won’t feel like you’re getting ripped off when you get their chicken sandwich.

All that said, the best fast food chicken I’ve ever had is probably Brother’s Chicken in New Orleans. And it was especially good after that Sugar Bowl win.


I like their chicken but abhor their politics.


I prefer my chicken smoked in my smoker using apple wood pellets and apple juice in my smoker rack (I use a vertical smoker rack for the chicken). :man_cook:

Unless I am really jonesing for some fried chicken, I don’t order it much anymore; and in Magna the only show in town for fried chicken is KFC. As I have gotten older greasy foods and I just don’t mix well anymore. Smoking or NuWaving those foods and dropping the batter for dry rub has made it work better.

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If we are simply talking fried chicken try Meiers chicken in Holladay. (This is in reference to KFC).


Best fried chicken in the state, IMO, is at Maddox in Perry.


I’ve been to the drive-in numerous times and it is really good. We stop there every time we go to Bear Lake. I have never been to the restaurant though.

For a year after graduation from the U, I lived in a place that was a 3 minute walk from Meiers. I went there so much the staff knew me by name and what I wanted.

Popeye’s tenders with sweet heat sauce are good…at least in the South, anyway. Better than Cane’s, imo.

When I lived in the southwest Popeyes was kind of looked down on, Church’s Chicken was the favored among fast food fried chicken.


Next time you chicken lovers make it out to L.A. (upcoming football season is @UCLA), check out Howlin’ Ray’s. It still has some decently long lines, but is worth it from what I hear. I still haven’t checked it out myself, but know plenty of… let’s say “larger” dudes that say it’s top 5 in L.A.

if you live in eastern North Carolina you have Bojangles near you, the word Popeye’s shouldn’t even be in your mouth.